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Young Dawg has another run in with the law

Redshirt freshman linebacker Akeem Hebron is in trouble again according to the Clarke Country Jail report. According to their website, Hebron was booked at 12:30 a.m. Friday for underage possession of alcohol. It is his second such offense since the first of year.
He was released shortly thereafter upon posting a $500.00 bond.
Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt suspended Hebron, who was expected to be in the two-deep rotation at outside linebacker, for the first two games of the upcoming season following the first bout with the law.
Hebron, a highly touted prospect out of Gaithersburg, Md., was also given community service by the coaching staff following the Feb. 25 arrest.
This latest news comes at a time when the Dawgs are already having to rebuild their linebacker corps with the departure of starters Tony Taylor, Jarvis Jackson, and Danny Verdun.
Because this is Hebron's second offense within a semester he should be suspended from the University of Georgia for the remainder of the spring semester as well as the fall semester per the student code of conduct. According to the code of conduct that is the minimum sanctions that Hebron will face and other punishment could be handed down.
Georgia center Ian Smith faced similar charges, but was he able avoid discipline from the University of Georgia and was therefore able to avoid dismissal or a suspension from the university. Smith ended up with a second suspension of six games given by coach Richt.
When Hebron is eligible to play he should face a mandatory eight game suspension (two for the first offense and six for the second offense) plus other internal punishment from coach Richt.
"When you make mistakes in life you have to deal with the consequences. Akeem (Hebron) has made two errors in judgment in a short
period of time. At this point, I'm not certain what the final consequences will be, but he will have to pay a significant price," said coach Richt.
Kelly Quinlan contributed to this report.