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With camp season underway, Smart ponders satellite destinations

Kirby Smart said he's in the process of pinpointing what satellite camps to attend.
Kirby Smart said he's in the process of pinpointing what satellite camps to attend. (UGA Sports Communications)

DESTIN, Fla. – It’s camp season for Kirby Smart and the Georgia coaching staff.

Beginning today, the Bulldogs will host a series of high school camps through Saturday that will be attended by hundreds of players, including some prominent recruits.

Although the Kirby Smart Camps will allow Bulldog coaches to stay home for the next four days, Smart told reporters at the SEC Meetings in Destin he’s also got a couple of satellite camps in mind.

“We’re looking into it,” Smart said. “We’ve definitely got a couple of them pinpointed we’re going to do, but we haven’t released all those yet. We’re trying to make sure we cover home base before we go out, but we’re only allowed 10 days. We’ll have a couple of places we’ll go. You’ve got to be on a four-year campus, but we’ll be in some locations away from our place.”

Under new NCAA rules, college coaches can take part in 10 camps combined in June and July. The caveat, they must take place on campuses of four-year schools.

Although Smart did not specify which ones he plans on having his coaches attend, Georgia is listed to take part in a camp set for LaGrange College on June 8-9.

Other programs have already made plans.

Jim Harbaugh and Michigan have already slotted themselves into 10 satellite camps, including the Elite Prospect Camp scheduled for Sunday at Valdosta State.

Florida Atlantic and Lane Kiffin are also hosting a camp on Monday, with coaches from Michigan, Tennessee, Oregon, Arkansas, among others, scheduled to attend.