UGASports LIVE - Episode 138

While Mark Richt was learning about how good his Bulldogs could be last
weekend in Tempe, the staff of UGASports was talking to subscribers in the days
leading up to the big game about our website. One thing stood out to us in
getting feedback from our Dawgvent community: subscribers loved and missed
After two-and-a-half years, we discontinued UGASports LIVE last July, and
have since kept our regular on-air appearances to Tuesday night's DawgDial show.
DawgDial is a great show, and, as a traditional radio program, goes out over
the airwaves to several stations around Georgia, but a lot of the listeners are
probably more of the casual fan as opposed to the detail-driven die-hard fans on
UGASports and the Dawgvent.
"DawgDial is like Georgia 101," said one subscriber, "but LIVE was like
graduate level Dawg talk."
Point taken.
So, we are re-introducing UGASports LIVE to However, we are
not going to have any deadlines, and will post shows randomly as news comes in
and we feel subscribers would like to hear some talk about a given subject.
Without further adieu or other cliché
LIVE - Episode 137
This special episode of UGASports LIVE does not cover the
subject matter of Tuesday night's DawgDial show. To listen to that show,