UGA-UT: 4th Quarter Drive Chart

(4th & 4) Dawgs continue drive at UG 24-yard line. Blair Walsh boots a 41-yard field goal, his third FG of the game. Scoring drive: 11 plays, 65 yards, 5:36.
***GEORGIA 23, TENNESSEE 14 (14:55, 4TH)
*****Walsh kicks it, Rogan fields it on the fly in the endzone and runs it out to the 25.
[Third quarter stats: Knowshon has 84 yards on 21 trips. Stafford is 23/34 with 2 picks and a TD. MoMass and A.J. each have five catches. For UT, Hardesty is leading rusher with six for 20 yards.
(1st & 10) Stephens' pass left side for Taylor broken up by Asher Allen.
(2nd & 10) End around fails. Asher sniffs it out and drops Jones for an 8-yard loss at the UT 17.
(3rd & 18) Bullet pass to Taylor on Tennessee sideline get to the 35.
(4th & 1) Colquitt boots it from his own 34 to Gray, who fields it at his own 13. A 53-yard boot.
(1st & 10) Knowshon runs left for 11.
(1st & 10) From own 24, Chaps up the middle for 4.
(2nd & 6) Stafford wheels around and throws right to Green for 5.
(3rd & 1) From their 34, Dawgs go to Knowshon up the middle. He gets 2 and moves the chains.
(1st & 10) Knowshon jumps a guy and picks up a yard on the left side.
(2nd & 9) Stafford right side to AJ again on right side for 14 yards to the UT 49.
(1st & 10) In UT territory now. Knowshon spins over the middle and gets 6. He's over 100 yards now for the day.
(2nd & 4) At UT 43, Knowshon gets blocks and runs off left corner for gain of 6. Big lick at the end by Eric Berry.
(1st & 10) At Vols' 37, Caleb King runs left, then cuts it inside. He gets 7.
(2nd & 3) King left side again for 7 yards.
(1st & 10) To the UT 23, King up the middle. He's toting the load at this point. But no gain that time.
(2nd & 10) King bursts up the middle again and gets 9 more.
(3rd & 9) Stafford from the UT 14, keeps it for the first. He got 3.
(1st & 10) Chapas high-legs it over left guard and gets 7 yards to the four.
(2nd & 3) King gets the call but he's stuffed in the middle.
(3rd & 4) Dawgs call time. Ready now at the 5. Knowshon knocked back to the 6.
(4th & 5) At the UT 6, it's delay of game against UGA. Walsh to try a 28-yard FG. It's low, but good. Scoring drive: 17 plays, 76 yards; 10:55
[Walsh now 10/12 on the season in FGs. Both misses are from 50+ yards.
***GEORGIA 26, TENNESSE 14 (2:49, 3RD QTR)
*****Walsh's kickoff taken on a hop at the 10 by Lennon Creer. He's tackled at the 25 by Gloer.
(1st & 10) Stephens right side for 25 to Gerald Jones.
(1st & 10) From midfield, Stephens under pressure, unloads incomplete out of bounds. Irvin and Gamble had the pressure.
(2nd & 10) Pass right side intended for Foster, who has been a non-factor today. He takes a lick from C.J.Byrd.
(3rd & 10) Play whistled dead at the start. False start on UT.
(3rd & 15) From own 45, Stephens throws long left side incomplete. Intended for Moore. Allen with the coverage, Dobbs with the pressure.
(4th & 15) Vols have to go for it. Stephens pass is off the hands of C.J. Byrd on UGA sideline. Dawgs take over on downs.
(1ST & 10) At Vols' 45, King loses a yard. UT burns a timeout.
(2nd & 11) King runs left and loses another yard. UT calls time again.
(3rd & 12) King loses yards again. It's minus four this time.
(4th & 17) Dawgs run down play clock and call time. Mimbs boots it 56 yards into the end zone.
(1ST & 10) Vols get it at their own 44 with :44 left. Pass to right side incomplete. Intended for Arian Foster.
(2nd & 10) Stephens pass over the middle is off the chest of Reshad Jones and incomplete.
(3rd & 10) Pas over the middle complete to Arian Foster. Dawgs also flagged for facemask (Gamble).
(1st & 10) From own 37, pass left side intended for Foster is incomplete.
(2nd & 10) False start on UT.
(2nd & 15) Pass left side for Moore is incomplete
(3rd & 15) From own 33, Stephens complete left side to Luke Stocker for 24 yards.