UGA Press Conference Notes Audio

Mark Richt Tuesday Press Conference Audio
Saturday's Game:
No. 15 Auburn at No. 9 Georgia
Kickoff/TV: 7:45 p.m., ESPN
It has been 113 years since Georgia and Auburn first met each other on the gridiron, since 1892 the two teams have met 108 times and after all those games and all those scores, if you add them all up the Tigers are ahead by just one point. The Dawgs have won more games at Auburn, the Tigers have won more games at Georgia, and this Saturday's game is a crucial as ever as both team's are in the hunt for the league championship. [more]
Select QuotesOn playing Auburn: "It's been a really tight series all the way around. And it's been a pretty even series for quite some time. We're both fighting for our lives this week, Auburn in the West and Georgia in the East. It's very important for all of us."
On the Tigers' personnel:
"You look at film hoping to find things you can attack on either side, but Auburn's a complete football team. They are outstanding in all phases of the game. It's going to be one heck of a game. I'm glad it's at home and I also feel good about it being at night. I think our fans will be even more excited about it. It will be a physical game and hopefully we can make enough plays to win it."
On D.J. Shockley:
"Right now, I think he'll be 100 percent. I think he will play and do all the things he's done. I didn't see any setbacks at practice on Monday. I didn't see him limping around or doing anything different. I feel like he'll be fine. Hopefully he can get right back in the groove."
On the return of leaders Shockley, Kedric Golston and Gerald Anderson: "They are really strong leaders. And when your leaders are playing, it's better, no doubt about it. Really, overall we're about as healthy as we've been in a long while. We've got to be ready for a physical brand of football."
On the Florida game:
"We're over the loss. We know the pressure's on if we want to get to Atlanta. I feel like once we practiced (last) Tuesday, it was good for everyone, myself included. We all felt better after that day."
On the polls:
"With the schedule we have, we need to just win ‹ period. We've got Auburn, Kentucky, Tech and if we're lucky enough to be in the SEC Championship Game, and that's enough of a chance. The only thing we can control is, can we win the East and play for the SEC? Everything after that you just hope falls in line for you. I'm thankful we're still pursuing those goals right now going into the ninth game."
Thomas Brown (tailback) on whether or not the team's intensity level
is still as high after its recent loss - "Most definitely. This team has not
given up just because of the loss to Florida."
On if the team will be watching the South Carolina/Florida game, which is
scheduled before Georgia's game and has possible implications on the SEC
Championship - "It doesn't matter to me who wins because if we keep winning, it
doesn't matter what happens to South Carolina or Florida for the rest of the
Bryan McClendon (split end) on the difference it makes having D.J.
Shockley back as starting quarterback - "It makes it difficult to be able to
predict what we're going to do and it also makes them think a little more on
On Auburn - "These guys can run, they're big and fast and they love to run
around and hit people. We know we also are going to have to bring that to the
table on Saturday."
Mohamed Massaquoi (wide receiver) on Georgia having multiple rivals
within the Southeastern Conference - "Being at Georgia, there are so many
rivalries and it's like every SEC game is against a rival. That's what you come
to school here for."
Russ Tanner (center) on Auburn's defense - "Without a doubt, they have
the strongest defense we'll play. I could not imagine the other two teams we
have left being as strong as Auburn is. If we don't get off the ball quickly, it
gives their (defensive front) an edge and they are going to get to our
On having Shockley back in the starting lineup - "The biggest factor is the
confidence he instills in others and his unbelievable talent really helps lead
us too."
Greg Blue (safety) on having Kedric Golston back in the lineup on defense
- "He's our run-stopper, our big plug up the middle. It will be nice to have him
back leadership-wise and for his ability up front."
On how important this game is to the defense - "It's big for our defense because
our first defense has not been together in a while and we're looking forward to
getting back out there together."
On having to pull for other SEC teams in order to have a better shot of making
it to the conference championship game - "Everybody wants to play in the
(Georgia) Dome and if it means pulling for another team, then a team has to root
for the team that is going to help them get there."
DeMario Minter (cornerback) on having Kedric Golston and the rest of the
defensive line back against Auburn - "Kedric and (Gerald Anderson) make it much
easier on our linebackers. Kedric's one of our team leaders so we're really
happy about having him back. He's a leader by example and someone who never
D.J. Shockley (quarterback) on having to watch the Florida game from the
sideline because of a knee injury - "It was very rough just sitting there while
my team was on the field. After all the doubts that this team has faced and
watching my teammates out there fighting and knowing I could not do anything."
Tony Taylor (linebacker) on playing Auburn in Sanford Stadium on Saturday
- "Auburn speaks for itself statistically. This will be our first game with
everybody back on defense and this last week we have been trying to get our
chemistry back."
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