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Taylor makes statement at Dawg Night

Jenkins County 2012 defensive tackle Jonathan Taylor isn't just a player who talks the talk-- on Dawg Night, he walked the walk.
Back in June, the number one prospect in Georgia made a statement by verbally committing to the Dawgs, and last Friday he took it to the next level and made that statement physical by sporting a Georgia 'G' on the side of his head.
But this hairdo wasn't just a fashion statement or the casualty of a bad barber, Taylor said it was an expression of the commitment he had made and a reminder of his loyalty to the program.
"It was Dawg Night and I wanted to stand out because I just committed," Taylor said. "I had the Nike check because they sponsor the Dawgs and the 'G' because I'm a Georgia Bulldog."
The 6'4", 323-pound rising senior, whose rare combination of size and agility could allow him to make an immediate contribution in Athens, said his decision to choose Georgia over schools like Alabama, Florida, Florida State and Georgia Tech didn't necessarily revolve around how he fit in on the field.
"Me and my best friend James Deloach talked over things. We wanted to go to school together where we could get the best education and just meet different people," Taylor said. "UGA seemed to be the perfect fit with that and Coach Mark Richt is a nice good Christian man, he tells you what you need to know, he really breaks it down."
While the Rivals100 defensive tackle said he has developed a close relationship with the Bulldogs' Head Coach, Taylor said he has also had the opportunity to bond with some other emerging talent who plan to sport the 'G'.
"I have a really good relationship with Ray Drew and John Jenkins and I've gotten to know John Theus and Brice Ramsey pretty well," Taylor explained. "Ramsey is a cool guy, I got to know him at another camp and he is a nice laid back guy and he's got a real good, strong arm. And as far as Theus goes, he is a hard working kid and he is going to get me better and I'm going to get him better."
Taylor said he will be at the South Carolina game, watching the action and getting a head-start on creating the right chemistry with the other commits and targets. The Millen area standout feels the 2012 class will have what it takes to go all the way.
"With the kind of talent that committed at Dawg Night and that has already committed, we will bring [the National Championship] home, we got the players and we got the coaches, we can do it," admitted Taylor.
Taylor said he plans to take his official visit to UGA in January.
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