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The floodgates of in-depth coverage of fall camp have been open now for a few weeks and the feedback from subscribers of has been awesome.
We are currently experiencing a record high number of subscribers. When visiting our 2011 Preseason Central page, you can clearly see what all the commotion is about. 30 in-depth stories in 10 days - Jones focused on 'drive'660 photos in 10 days - Day 49 audio interviews in 10 days - Mark Richt breaks down scrimmage 7 videos in 10 days - Day 3
That was just
over the 10 practice days of fall camp, and does not include the dozens of football recruiting stories and updates,
cheat sheets, endless posts on our message boards by the site staff, and our in-depth coverage of basketball recruiting and off-season baseball.
Since then, we have continued that pace as we continue to cover all of preseason
camp right up to the opener against Boise State at the Georgia Dome on September 3rd.
No one breaks more Bulldog news than
Enter Promo Code GoDawgs30 Here! provides in-depth coverage of Bulldogs sports and recruiting. That's what we do and that's what this site is about: in-depth coverage.
1. Breaking new headlines spread like wildfire across the Internet, and if just getting the basics is okay for you, that's fine, but if you want details and in-depth coverage, that's why sites such as exist. That said, if you just like the basics, we have you covered there as well.
2. Some fans says they can read it in the paper the next day. That's simply not true. Maybe a little of it might be in the paper the next day but nowhere near all of it.
You just won't find the same in-depth coverage elsewhere. began covering Georgia in December 1997, and we only cover the Bulldogs (but we keep an eye on the rest of the SEC and college football).
3. is not a 'recruiting site' and we're not a 'message board site.' While we do have great recruiting coverage and message boards, we also have in-depth coverage of Georgia's football, basketball and baseball programs that you simply cannot get anywhere else.
We're much more than recruiting and message boards as old media would have you believe. To see what I'm talking about, please visit our News Index or Preseason Central pages to see for yourself the amount of content.
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