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Rocker getting adjusted

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Although he's only been on the job at Georgia for a little over a week, new defensive line coach Tracy Rocker has been a busy man.
Not only has he chipped in when necessary in recruiting, Rocker said he's already getting to know the players he will be coaching when the Bulldogs begin spring practice next month.
"I've had a lot of time to look at it. There's a little work that needs to be done, but I'm looking forward to it," Rocker said. "Mostly what I'm doing now is watch tape, watching the players' practice tape. I'm trying to learn a little more about their body movement, but I'm also having individual meetings with them. A few of them I recruited when I was at Auburn, but in the same breath I'm trying to find out things like background, things of that nature, what's important, so now I know how to coach them."
Ray Drew, Jordan Jenkins and James DeLoach are three players Rocker already knows quite well.
Rocker recruited all three while serving as the defensive line coach at Auburn before moving on to the Tennessee Titans of the NFL.
"There's a few guys that I've been around, that I wanted," Rocker said. "I'm just spending time with them one-on-one."
He's also looking forward to working with others that include Chris Mayes, Sterling Bailey, Toby Johnson, Mike Thornton, not to mention incoming freshman Lorenzo Carter, whose signature Rocker helped secure.
"My deal is, I want to have a great influence but as coach you also have to coach through the players' eyes, too," Rocker said. "That's what I'm trying to understand."
Unlike predecessor Chris Wilson, Rocker won't just be coaching the Georgia's nose tackles and defensive ends. On Wednesday, head coach Mark Richt announced that along with the defensive line, Rocker will coach the Bulldogs' weakside linebackers.
"I'm not sure right now who might be pulled in there, but for example maybe Jordan Jenkins or Leonard Floyd, who knows?" Rocker said. "They could be pulled into that role for certain situations and things of that nature."
Rocker laughed when reminded his Georgia job is his fourth stop on the SEC coaching trail following stints at Auburn, Ole Miss and Arkansas.
According to the former Auburn great and Atlanta native, he hopes it's his last.
"I'd like to stay here," Rocker said. "I haven't been back in the state of Georgia since left to go off to college. It was good to come back and I'm looking forward to it."