Opinion: Great call on Gurley

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Kudos to Todd Gurley.
No, we're not talking football here.
Sure, there's plenty there that we could. A healthy Gurley is capable of some special feats on the field for Georgia this fall. But that's a subject for another day.
Kudos to Todd Gurley for agreeing to go to SEC Media Days next week in Hoover.
This is a big deal and here's why.
By now, most of you on UGASports have seen the post-practice interviews - you know the ones.
On more than one occasion, "Surly Gurley" sat looking like he'd rather be anywhere else. Truthfully, I have no doubt that he did.
It's not easy sitting there with a bunch of cameras and tape recorders shoved in your face, not to mention the fact, that yes, some pretty ridiculous questions tend to get asked from time to time.
Often, getting Gurley to come out for post-practice interviews was difficult. The Sports Information staff at Georgia definitely had its work cut out.
So yes, next week is a big deal.
One, Todd Gurley isn't naïve. He knows the impression folks often make is based on what they see and hear off the field.
His decision to go to Media Days is a way for him to remedy that.
Georgia's sports information staff has been working on helping Gurley become more "media savvy" and this will no doubt be the ultimate test, particularly when you consider 100 or so sports writers will be clamoring around his table positioning themselves to ask questions.
My guess, Gurley, who will be joined by Chris Conley and Ramik Wilson, will do just fine.
Teammates will tell you that the North Carolina native is actually one of the team's biggest jokers, even in the huddle during practice on steamy spring and summer afternoon.
Did I mention that a large number of Heisman Trophy voters also attend SEC Media Days?
Last year, the question was pondered numerous times whether or not Georgia should "promote" Aaron Murray for the Heisman Trophy. In today's era, it's no need with so much media coverage. However, in regards to Gurley, bringing him to Hoover is a great public relations ploy by the Bulldogs.
Put Gurley front and center, let the sports media world meet and get to know him; put his name I out there now.
Basically, Gurley will be killing two birds with the same proverbial stone by reshaping his off-field image and putting his name front-and-center for any post-season honors that might come his way.
It's a win-win.