No Pressure on Ros

Bryce Ros is not unlike virtually all of Georgia's freshmen so far during the first three days of preseason camp. He's finding out that the learning curve can be a steep hill to climb.
Not that he's complaining, mind you.
Getting adjusted to college football is a transition period all freshmen must endure. Ros is no different. "It's been a lot of fun and I've really enjoyed it, although the first couple of days were kind of rough getting acclimated," Ros said. "It's definitely been a real learning experience."

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Ros said he's had some good teachers. As one of four scholarship tight ends on the
Georgia roster, Ros credits senior Tripp Chandler and sophomore Bruce Figgins for showing him some of those early ropes.
While it's still a question as whether or not Ros (6-foot-4, 242) will redshirt this fall, the son of 1980 Georgia team captain Frank Ros is already making an impression with his new teammates. "Bryce is a kid who comes in and he kind of had a lot of pressure on him because of his dad who was such a great football player here but he has a lot of potential. He just needs to get in the playbook, learn the plays and learn the defenses," Chandler said. "That's a hard transition going from high school to college but he's got time. He just needs to mature physically a little bit and mature mentally as far as knowing his plays and knowing defenses, and he will. He's determined."
He's also staying at tight end. Ros told UGASports that rumors of his seeing some time at fullback was certainly news to him and that he was staying at tight end until coaches told him otherwise. Don't look for that to happen. "I haven't heard that one," said Ros, who said despite his love for UGA, it wasn't the slam dunk to attend that many though it would be.
"I really took my time," Ros said. "I was not going to pigeon-hole myself to
Georgia by any means. I looked at Alabama and Clemson and some other schools, but in the end Georgia was the place for me."
Not that there wasn't some gentle parental nudging, although not by the one you might thing. "My mom wanted me to go to
Auburn," laughed Ros, adding that his mother was the 1981 Miss Auburn. "My dad was totally hands off. He told me that he would support me wherever I went to play. Wherever I went, he was going to become a fan of that school."
Chandler said he doesn't believe that Ros is feeling any pressure by playing for his dad's former school. At least he doesn't show it. "He might feel some pressure but it certainly won't come from us," Chandler said. "I've talked to Bryce about it and he told me his dad told him to go wherever he wanted to go. I've met Mr. Ros and he's a guy who would have supported Bryce wherever he went."