New Dawgs press Brown

After checking in on Georgia commit Austin Long earlier in the day, the Georgia coaching staff contingent of Mark Richt, Stacy Searels, Mike Bobo, John Eason and Tony Ball jumped in the car and drove the 10 miles down the road to see another top target, wide receiver Marlon Brown. They came in at full strength, and he was overwhelmed by the attention.
"This past week, I have felt very important. I had Coach Hazell in this week, and five of the Coaches from Tennessee were at my game last night. Today, it was such an honor to have Coach Bobo, Coach Searels, Coach Ball, Coach Eason, and definitely Coach Richt," Brown told UGASports.
They spent plenty of time with the 4-star player, and Brown liked what he heard.

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"They were here for two and a half hours, and they talked a lot about me. How I am as a wide receiver,, how I fit in their offense. They really made me feel like they could use me, and I know I could fit right in," Brown said.
With Coach Eason stepping into the front office and Coach Richt changing Brown's possible position coach to Tony Ball one month before signing day, it could be that the Bulldogs hurt their chances of signing Brown.
When asked about the change Brown commented "No, not at all, I know Coach Ball just as well."
Another possible knock against Georgia would be the loss of Matthew Stafford to the NFL. Many fans have thought that losing one of the most proficient passers in Georgia history would have a negative impact on the 6-foot-5, 200-pound recruit.
"I feel that they bring in top talent at every position, so whoever plays for them will be just fine," Brown stated.
Marlon got to go one on one with the head coach at Georgia, and he came away very impressed. His family felt the same way.
"It was amazing. He is a very spiritual and honest man. He was so down to earth; they felt very comfortable with Coach Richt possibly being my coach," Brown said.
Trying to reel the state's top ranked player in from Tennessee, the Georgia coaches have to be aware of the pressure and also the fact that his last visit will be with the Volunteers.
"They did not seem concerned at all," said Brown. "In fact, they seemed very confident in their chances. There is a lot of pressure (to stay in state), and it is going to have a huge effect on everything, to be honest. I feel I could leave the state without second thoughts, though."
Rated the nation's best athlete at wideout, Marlon has watched the first year phenomenon A.J. Green have a huge freshman year, ending the season as the Southeastern Conference's leading receiver. That is something he thought very highly of.
Brown said "The chance to play opposite A.J. is very appealing to me. I hope to have a similar impact myself."
Brown has narrowed his choices down, and while some feel it is a Georgia Tennessee battle, he says that is not the case.
"No they are all still even."
He did declare a leader in one area, and says it is not even close.
Brown quipped "Those Bulldog commits, they work on you hard, all of them. Ealey, Lynch, Long, and of course Murray. They do it all the time, but they also make it fun to talk about."