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Atlanta (Ga.) Westlake offensive lineman
Michael Brown

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(6-5, 270, 4.9) pulled a shocker Monday morning and committed to the
University of Georgia. The shocker was not that he chose Georgia, but
the timing.
"I just felt like Georgia was the best fit for me," said Brown. "I
visited around and Georgia was where I really wanted to be. I called the
coach's office to tell Coach (Rodney) Garner, but they were all in a meeting.
The secretary went to get them.
I told coach Garner first and he told me that I made his day and that
I was one of the ones they were really wanting. I talked to coach (Mark)
after that and he told he was glad to have me on board. I told him that
I would still take the rest of my official visits and he was cool with
Brown has already officially visited Kentucky. Georgia is certain
to get one, so who gets the remaining three?
"I have four left and Georgia is going to get one, I will probably
visit them last. Florida, LSU and Alabama will get the other three
probably. You only get five official visits. I asked the coaches if it was cool and they said
they understood."
So, does Brown consider his commitment a hard or soft one?
"I would say that I'm a soft commitment right now, just because I'm
taking other official visits. I'm going to go to Georgia though, so the
Georgia fans out there should not be worried, because that's where I'm
Brown's highly touted monstrous teammate Courtney Abbott has also
been considering the Dawgs, will Brown do a little recruiting on his
"I think he really likes Virginia right now. He knows what I'm
about and it would be cool if we went to the same place, but we
know each other so well, I don't know that saying a whole lot would
help because we know each other so well. I can tell you one guy I'm
going after is Ramarcus Brown from Tri-cities. I've played against that
dude about all I want to--he is something else."
Brown is ranked as the nation's No. 10 offensive guard by Rivals.com
and received a prestigious four star ranking.
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