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Marlin Dean to Georgia: What it means, what's next


At 6-foot-6, 285 pounds, it’s easy to see what makes Marlin Dean a literally huge get for the Class of 2021.

Still, there’s rawness and refinement to be done, but he’s a sizable chunk of clay for the seemingly ever-improving hands of Tray Scott to mold.

His length and power have certainly served him as an asset throughout his career, but like many big men, he’s going to need to learn to rely on his technique and leverage just as much at the next level.

The best news for Georgia? He’s in the perfect spot to learn how to do so.

Elbert County is a great program in the GHSA ranks, but for an unfinished product like Dean who’s still coming into his own as a player, IMG Academy should make a world of difference.

The Bulldogs have clearly enjoyed the fruits of the Bradenton-based football factory of late, with both rising star Nolan Smith and freshman Warren Brinson having chosen to take the trip to south Florida for the experience.

What should benefit Dean most of all, aside from the near collegiate level training and nutrition he’ll receive, is the level of competition he’ll now be competing with on a daily basis. The likes of offensive line stars such as Tyler Booker, JC Latham, Greg Crippen, and Dayne Shor should all give Dean a much closer replication of what’s ahead for him at the next level, and the Bulldogs will be the ones reaping those benefits when he arrives on campus.

IMG doesn’t make sense for every prospect out there, certainly, and while I understand the qualms people have with how it shapes the face of high school football, the track record and success is hard to deny.

For Dean, this feels like a business decision that could pay off quite well and have him closer to being ready to contribute than he might have otherwise been.

For Georgia, he’s a developmental piece with the tools necessary to be a contributor.

Is he bound for stardom? That’s hard to say at this juncture, but the pickup and willingness of Georgia coaches to bet on themselves to be able to bring out the best in a rare sized athlete certainly makes sense, so there’s no scoffing at the add.


Well, things certainly get interesting from here, right?

It’s clear who the Bulldogs would love to see in the fold, and the options are plenty strong right now.

Here’s who you need to watch moving forward.