Lynch: I messed up

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Arthur Lynch on drops in Gator Bowl from on Vimeo.JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - With Arthur Lynch's luck, he'll probably get taken in the upcoming NFL Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars.
If he does, he may try to petition the team to move out of EverBank Field.
The stadium has not been kind to him.
Lynch's dropped pass on fourth-down inside the Nebraska 10-yard line proved to be the final nail in the Bulldogs' coffin, resulting in the Cornhuskers hanging onto their 24-19 win.
It was a play he took very hard after the game.
"You hate losing games …," Lynch said. "I kind of felt down the stretch … there were other plays I could have made to help this team … I came up short."
Earlier this year against Florida, Lynch failed to fall on a throw-back pass by Aaron Murray that Florida recovered to set up a touchdown run by Tyler Murphy, although the Bulldogs held on to win 23-20.
There were no mulligans on this afternoon.
"I'm proud of my teammates and I'm sorry that it came down to me and I couldn't deliver," Lynch said. "These guys mean everything to me. We did all we could to come back and win."
Facing a fourth-and-2 from the Nebraska 16 with less than a minute to play, quarterback Hutson Mason hit Lynch with the pass that would have been an easy first down.
But after Lynch took a quick peek up-field, he forgot to corral the ball allowing the Huskers to run out the clock.
"It was the same play we ran against Kentucky that went for a touchdown," Lynch said. "It's one of our bread and butter plays in the red zone. They were in man coverage on the outside; they had the receivers covered but I knew I could get open. I just turned my head a little too fast. Nebraska had tight coverage but it's one of those that you've got to make."
Lynch wasn't the only one who had trouble hanging onto to the ball.
Bulldog receivers dropped at least five passes on the afternoon, including one by Rantavious Wooten when he - like Lynch - failed to hold onto the ball on a fourth-and-2 call inside the Nebraska red zone.
The Massachusetts native did not blame the wet conditions that played the game throughout the afternoon.
"It can have an impact, but at the end of the day we are Division I athletes who get a scholarship to come here and we should come up in that situation," Lynch said. "I messed up."