LeMay in the picture

The relationship between a quarterback and his receiver is a special one. Sometimes it will take time and practice before there is the right connection, but once it's there, everyone knows it.
It's no wonder why coaches often try to leverage pre-existing relationships, banking on a chemistry and comfort levels to synergize with talent for instant impact.
And what relationship could be closer than that of two brothers.
Georgia already has one LeMay on its roster, freshman quarterback Christian LeMay, and is looking to make it two.
Matthews (N.C.) wide receiver Uriah LeMay is still a junior, but has been on the Dawgs' radar for a while now. LeMay said he still hears from the UGA coaching staff, most recently seeing them for the season opener at the Georgia Dome.
"I have kept decent contact with them. I last spoke with a few coaches before the Georgia vs. Boise State game while I was there visiting my brother," LeMay said. "I talked with coach (Tony) Ball about his thoughts on the game before he turned in for the night."
The 6-feet-1, 188-pound standout has 13 offers and counting, 7 of which are from the SEC.
"I'm getting letters from almost every school on the east coast as well as Oregon, Penn State, UCLA, Nebraska, LSU, among a few others," LeMay said. "I don't have a list of leaders at this time."
While he may not have any leaders, programs are starting to make him a priority.
LeMay is only six games into his season, but he has already scored 13 touchdowns and is averaging 22 yards per reception, an increase of 2 yards from last year.
"The season is going well so far. The talent level around us is making everybody better as a team," LeMay said. "I think as a player, I have improved in my speed and awareness thanks to the coaches and players around me."
LeMay said he has only had a chance to be at two games this year, one being Georgia-Boise State, and the other, Auburn-Clemson, but he said it does not put any one school in front of another.
"Georgia is in the standing same as everybody else at this point of the process," LeMay said.