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Jamaree Slayer shapes up for his biggest challenge

There’s a lighter Jamaree Salyer in Georgia’s offensive line room ahead of his much anticipated junior season. The Atlanta native committed to getting in better playing shape, as he is now preparing to take on his biggest role ever as a Bulldog.

“I just knew the weight thing would be a big contributor to where I could be,” Salyer said. “It would raise my potential, and that was kind of my goal in quarantine. I wanted to raise my potential and the bar for myself. I knew I could play guard, tackle, or anything at a much higher level if I lost the weight. My goal originally was 315, and that turned into 309. I lost about 20 pounds in quarantine.”

Salyer played his last two seasons while being officially listed at 325 pounds. He now claims to be walking around at 315 pounds with his goal set to even lower. After playing in 13 games in each of his first two seasons, Salyer wanted to lose the weight ahead of what he considers to be the “opportunity I have been waiting for.”

“I just put a lot of work in this quarantine,” Salyer said. “I tried to work in silence while learning from guys who've done it before. I worked out with Andrew (Thomas) and Kynan Forney. Just working out every day and trying to get little tools and tricks. Trying to lose weight, get stronger, and get more flexible. I put a lot into this season, and everybody deserves to see the work that I put in, because I feel like I know what I can do.”

With the loss of Thomas to the NFL Draft, the left tackle position is up for grabs, though it’s anticipated that Salyer will fill the role.

“Being a guy that’s been here two years and sitting behind two great players, two first-rounders, I feel like this is the season for me to go out there and prove myself and do a lot of things that people say I can’t do. I’m really excited for the opportunity. Like I said, it’s the season I’ve been waiting for.”

"It’s the season I’ve been waiting for.”
— Jamaree Salyer

Not only is Salyer’s positional role taking on greater importance; so is his leadership role. With nine true freshman offensive lineman listed on Georgia’s official roster, Salyer is playing the part of an excited older brother.

“We have a lot of good talent. If they weren’t good, they wouldn’t be at Georgia. A lot of those guys have a lot of athleticism. Tate (Ratledge) is a really good player. He’s got flashes of athleticism where you see him run and you’re just like, ‘Wow! This kid can really move.’ They're picking up the playbook really well and I’m excited to see them practice more than anybody.”