Injury wont sideline Jones

Jarvis Jones' name was still a part of Georgia's post-practice injury report. But don't worry, the All-American linebacker said he's playing in Saturday night's game against Vanderbilt (7:45, ESPN2).
"I'm going to play," Jones told reporters after practice Tuesday afternoon. "I'm going to play THIS week."
Jones, who was held out of Saturday's 56-20 win over Florida Atlantic with a strained groin, was listed as "limited" on the daily injury report.
"I'm good … I don't want that green jersey," Jones said. "They can't make me wear a green jersey. I'm fine. I've been treating it ever since it happened. Now, I'm getting back in the groove. We're taking it slowly, not doing anything fast. It's a process, but I'll be fine."
Jones said he thought he was going to be able to play last week.
In fact, as the game went along, he took the measure of hiding his helmet under the Bulldog bench - just in case.
"It was a game-time decision. I thought the young guys went out there and played well. Coach (Todd) Grantham just wanted to give them the experience, give them a chance to work on things they needed to work on," Jones said. "I thought they handled it well."
Jones didn't sit idly by.
"It was fun watching them and be able to coach Jordan (Jenkins) and Josh (Dawson) up on the sideline," he said. "Seeing them from the sideline gave me a different point of view. It was fun."
After the game, Jenkins joked that Jones was having too much fun and wasn't a bit shy of telling the freshman what he was doing wrong.
Jones didn't disagree.
"Always, I'm hard on them every day, even when we're not on the field. He's got so much potential to be good," Jones said. "He's more explosive than me - everything. Once he gets the knowledge of the game, becomes a student of the game, I think Jordan will be a beast - him and Josh."
Jones added there's no reason the pair can't be as good or better than him one day.
"We talk about that every day, that they've got the same opportunity that I had and the same potential," Jones said. "They're bigger than me, they're taller than me and those are some strong guys. They're freshmen. Think about it, they've got three more years here. I think they can do some amazing things."
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