Golston wins SC Award

Senior Kedric Golston has been awarded the 2005 Leon Farmer Strength and Conditioning Award, head coach Mark Richt announced on Thursday. Golston's honor tops what was an impressive summer of weight room results by the entire Georgia football team.
Golston, a 6-4, 292-pound defensive tackle from Tyrone, Ga., earned the Leon Farmer Award, which is given annually to the player whose dedication to the strength and conditioning program results in a significant contribution to the football team. Past winners include David Pollack in 2004, Ben Watson in 2003, Will Witherspoon in 2001 and Richard Seymour in 2000.
Overall, tailback Thomas Brown was named the team's top conditioned athlete. Brown established a new Georgia record in the Power Index, which is determined by adding together a player's maximum totals in the bench press, squat and power clean lifts and dividing by the player's weight. Brown's index of 7.01 represented the first time a Bulldog has ever topped the 7.0 mark.

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The top conditioned athletes by position group were: receiver Bryan McClendon for the skill category, linebacker Jamario Smith in the big skill group and offensive tackle Dennis Roland in the lineman category.
Individually, offensive tackle Max Jean-Gilles posted the highest bench press mark of 530 pounds, defensive tackle Gerald Anderson had the highest squat tally of 670 pounds, fullback Brannan Southerland recorded the best power clean lift of 356 pounds and receiver A.J. Bryant led all vertical leap efforts at 41.5 inches.
Highlights of various overall statistics for the team included:
*11 all-time Georgia records were broken;
*36 players benched pressed more than 400 pounds, including four who benched more than 500 pounds;
*46 players squatted more than 500 pounds, including 11 of more than 600 pounds;
*52 players power cleaned more than 300 pounds;
*62 players had a vertical leap of 30 inches or better, including four with jumps of 40 inches or higher;
*50 players posted power indexes of 5.0 or better, including eight marks of 6.0 or higher.
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