Gameplan Prediction

Georgia Tech offense vs. Georgia defense
It is tough to imagine Georgia Tech doing anything but what they do well. They will lean hard on the dive game to set up its perimeter game, and, in the end, the quarterbacks will be a huge part of the run game. Georgia Tech's best chance for explosive plays against Georgia is to get running back Orwin Smith and quarterback Vad Lee on the edge and try to find seams. Those are the two players that have the best big-play capability, and they can make an explosive play at any time. Also expect a few early shots with the pass to try and exploit the aggressiveness of Georgia's defense. Quarterback Tevin Washington will likely be given a lot of early snaps to wear down the Georgia defense, and Lee will be more relied upon later in the game when and if the defense is worn down.
Georgia Tech defense vs. Georgia offense
Expect Georgia Tech to take a page out of Georgia Southern and Kentucky's playbook on defense. The Yellow Jackets will likely be focused on stopping Georgia's run game and will try to force Aaron Murray to beat them through the air. If they can slow down or stop Georgia's run game, they reduce the effectiveness of the play-action and create a situation where they have a better chance to win first down. Expect an aggressive game plan against the pass as well with press coverage and a variety of blitzes. If the Yellow Jackets can get pressure from the inside, they have a great chance at forcing mistakes and creating third and long situations. There will be a mix of man coverage and zone coverage behind the blitz to confuse Murray, but it is very reasonable to expect the Yellow Jackets to dial up the pressure early and often.
Georgia defense vs. Georgia Tech offense
Georgia's game plan will be to play assignment football and tackle well. That is the best way to defend the triple option, and it is what UGA will have to do in order to slow down the Yellow Jackets. Unlike last week when Georgia faced the triple-option against Georgia Southern, expect Georgia to roll Shawn Williams down more to put an extra defender in the box against the triple option. This will allow the Bulldogs to play the perimeter game more effectively, and Williams will be able to match up better against the A-Backs in the passing game. Also expect Georgia to mix up its assignments on the edge when it comes to quarterback and pitch man. Man coverage will be the norm with some quarters and cover three mixed in, and the front seven will be charged with playing the dive, quarterback run, and option pitch.
Georgia offense vs. Georgia Tech defense
Georgia will want to extend this game and the best way to do that is to aggressively attack the Georgia Tech defense. Expect the Bulldogs to turn to the air early and stretch the field with Malcolm Mitchell and Tavarres King in the passing game. UGA's ability to run the football will be a concern of Georgia Tech's early, so the Bulldogs will likely use play-action to create big plays and put Georgia Tech in a position where it has to come back. Whether that is effective or not, Georgia will eventually want to turn to Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall in the run game to keep the chains moving and possible hit big plays there as well.
Georgia Tech would love nothing more than to knock Georgia off it is in a position to win out and play for the National Championship. The Yellow Jackets will come into Athens focused and ready to play, but Georgia, with everything left to play for, will be doing the same. Expect some scoring from both teams early, but Georgia will be the most consistent team when it comes to scoring touchdowns and hitting the big play. Expect Georgia's defense to play a physical brand of football against Georgia Tech's defense and create negative plays that will eventually be the undoing of Georgia Tech's offense. The Yellow Jackets will put up points and yardage, but Georgia pulls away starting late in the second half. Georgia 38 Georgia Tech 20.