Fontaine leads on and off the field

We traveled up to Dartmouth (MA) recently to learn more about Georgia commitment Arthur Fontaine. Yes, Fontaine is one of the top tight end prospects in the country, but he is more than that.
We sat down with Dartmout Head Football Coach Richard White and he tells all about his current star and the future Georgia Bulldog.
Walking the halls at Dartmouth with Coach White and Fontaine, it was easy to see that Arthur was well liked, very popular, and an icon.
Many around the country and in the Bulldog Nation knew about the 6-foot-5, 240 pound football player, but they did not know much else. Coach White talks about Fontaine on and off the field in this interview.
He also talks about when Georgia became seriously involved with his top player and how Coach John Lilly is such an impressive coach/person.
Coach White Talks Arthur Fontaine
If you are unable to view the interview at this time, then here are some select quotes from Coach White.
"First of all, in our school, he is a leader. He leads by example and he is our class president. He has been our president the past three years."
"He is very involved with the senior class with the fundraisers they do and working with the administration."
"He is the type of kid that everybody knows. He is all about getting people on board and doing the right thing. He wants everyone in our school to have a positive experience."
"Our team elected him as a captain for a reason. I don't think anyone worked harder than him in the off-season preparing for this year. His work ethic this past year has been unmatched."
"I think his biggest strengths are his natural God given abilities. He has great strength, great size, and he is an athlete. He can catch, he can jump, and he is very coordinated for a big guy."
"He is a very good player right now and he has a tremendous upside to be a great player on the college level."
"It was crazy [back in the spring]. I was trying to work the phones and get coaches appointments. All of the sudden it just took off. He went down to Maryland last summer and when he got back, that is when the interest really intensified throughout the east coast."
"In the spring time, we had Penn State, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, N.C. State, Maryland, it was just non stop. It was crazy and tough to schedule everybody."
"When John Lilly came up for Georgia, we knew Georgia was interested after speaking with him. He did a great job while he was here and I think he was the reason why Arthur is going to Georgia."
To view the full interview and to learn more about what Coach White thought about Coach Lilly, click HERE.
This is the type of coverage you will only find on We will have much more from our trip to Massachusetts and then we are back on the road this week when we head to Virginia to check in on UGA commitment Toby Jackson and UGA target Bobby Massie at Hargrave before heading over to Deep Run High School to see UGA commitment Jordan Love.
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