Dent is a Dawg

The Georgia Bulldogs received their 23rd verbal commitment Monday when four
star linebacker Akeem Dent of Atlanta announced that he would be a Dawg.'s was at Douglass High School not long ago and talked to Dent about his commitment. Hear Dent talk about his commitment to the University of Georgia right here.
Dent visited to Georgia officially over the weekend and thought about committing before he left Athens. He decided to go home and think about it a bit, but he didn't have to think long before realizing that the University of Georgia is where he wanted to be. Here are some of Dent's quotes when first arrived at Douglass High School earlier today.
"I just went with my heart," said Dent. "Everything felt right at Georgia."
"I committed to Georgia over Florida and Ole Miss."
Dent committed to his recruiting coach.
"I committed to Coach Garner and he was excited. He couldn't believe it. He was like, 'you committed to UGA?' and I said yes sir."
The official visit showed Dent everything he needed to see.
"I really liked the GALA. It was very nice. I like how they recognized the seniors all the way down to the freshman. They are going to see me up there next year winning an award."
What is Georgia getting in Dent?
"They are getting a hard worker. I am all about hard work."
How solid is Dent in his commitment to Georgia?
"I am 99.9 percent sure I am going there. I am going to be there next year, so those Georgia fans better look out for me."
That was from talking to Dent before we got interrupted at the school. We went back and recorded the full interview over again and he talks about everything from the visit, his commitment, coach Garner's reaction, his in-home with Coach Jancek last week, his mom's feeling on Georgia, what he thinks his strengths are, and a whole lot more.
Here ALL nine minutes of the exclusive interview with Dent below. You have to tune out the wind at times, but it is a very good, in-depth interview with this Peach State linebacker.
Here Akeem Dent talk about his commitment right here