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Decision Day for Favors

While previously stating that he would wait until April 15th, 5-star Center Derrick Favors has had a sudden change in plans. "I just want to get it out of the way, so I can focus on basketball. I have known for about a week where I want to go," the South Atlanta star told UGASports in an exclusive interview last night.
The three finalists for his signature are hoping he can take their program to another level, if even for just a year.
"N.C. State, Georgia, and Georgia Tech are all the same to me really. I feel I can come in and make an impact at any of my final three. The only difference is the coaching staffs and their schemes," the 6-foot-9 Favors said.
One thing that will not be a factor is distance from home.
"No, that is something I do not care about."
The Bulldogs have a current freshman sensation in Trey Thompkins, and Favors knows him well.
"I have a great friend in Trey Thompkins, and he has been a factor in my decision."
The ESPNZone will be flush with cameras, recorders, and camcorders as many will cover the BIG-time prospect commit. Some have compared the phenom to another Atlanta native, Dwight Howard. Favors likes the comparison, but really just can't wait till tomorrow.
"I am honored to be mentioned in the same level of a unbelievable talent like Dwight. I feel the school I choose tomorrow has the best system in place for me. I will be relieved and glad to get it over with so I can focus on giving South Atlanta the state championship we deserve", the Center said before walking past the anxious Georgia Tech coaches.