Carter fitting in at OLB

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If freshman linebacker Lorenzo Carter has learned anything since arriving on campus at Georgia it's that whatever you were ranked as a high school player doesn't mean squat.
But that suits this former 5-star just fine.
"It's a new day, a fresh start," Carter said. "I just have to prove myself all over again."
For this former Norcross High star, it's an opportunity he relishes. Although Leonard Floyd and Jordan Jenkins appear set as the starters, Carter is getting plenty of looks and has done well enough where one can assume he'll get his share of opportunities come fall.
At least that's what he's hoping for.
"Oh, I don't even know," Carter said. "That's up to Coach. I'm still waiting for Coach (Mark) Richt to tell me what's up. When he finds out, I'll find out."
Carter is already showing that he can get to the quarterback.
During last Saturday's scrimmage, the 6-foot-6, 237-pounder recorded one of Georgia's eight sacks when he corralled backup Faton Bauta.
"He asked for that red jersey so we had to do it," Carter laughed. "That's my homey. But he was talking trash before the game so I was happy to get him."
He didn't recall which linemen he beat on the play.
"I just remember Faton running away," he added. "I had to go get him."
Redshirt freshmen Brice Ramsey felt the brunt of a Carter pass rush - albeit by accident one day recently in practice.
"I was flying around, and I hit the quarterback one time," Carter grinned. "I said, 'Oh sorry coach, I didn't try to.' I just reached out to hit the ball and I was like 'wait, stop, what am I doing."'
At 237 pounds, Carter said he's gained five pounds since his arrival in Athens. Although that's not much, he added that just one summer in the Bulldogs' strength and condition program has him feeling faster and stronger than ever before.
"I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job. You've just got to work with what you have against them, because the offensive tackles here are great players with great technique," Carter said. "You just have to try and beat them with your technique and speed."
Carter said his experience at the Under Armour Game in Orlando helped prepare him for some of what he's seen at Georgia thus far.
"It's about what I expected. At the Under Armour All-American Game, it gave me a real opportunity to go against top talent every play," he said. "That's what we're obviously doing here. Everyone is basically an All-American. It's going to be fun."
Although Jenkins and Floyd figure to start, Carter, along with Davin Bellamy, Shaun McGee, Keyon Brown and Johnny O'Neal are each receiving plenty of reps.
"I think all the outside linebackers are pretty much similar in body shape and playing style," Carter said. "We'll see whoever is on that night and go play."
Carter said he's learning just as quickly as he can.
"You learn a lot just observing them in the way they carry themselves on the field. We've been talking a lot about being in control, fighting fatigue, observing how they carry themselves when they're tired, fighting all the time," he said. "You go hard every play. There's no chance to slack off. They record everything you do. The eye in the sky doesn't lie and you've got to realize that."