UGA-UT: 2nd Quarter Drive Chart

*****GEORGIA continues it drive
(3rd & 9) AT UT 35, Stafford fires complete to diving Massaquoi for 26 yards.
(1st & goal) At UT 9, Knowshon gets three.
(2nd & goal) At UT 6, Stafford fakes toss left and keeps it right side for no gain.
(3rd & goal) At UT 6, Stafford in gun…fade to right corner incomplete for MoMass. Watch the flag!
(3rd & goal) Following penalty , from UT 3, Stafford tries right corner again, this time for Green but incomplete.
(4th & goal) Walsh boots a 20-yard field goal. Scoring drive: 7 plays, 33 yards, 3:02.
*****GEORGIA 13, TENNESSEE 0 (12:54, 2nd)
[Stat update: Knowshon has 7 totes for 39 yards. Stafford is 8-for-12 for 87 yards. A.J. Green has three catches for 19 yards. For UT, Arian Foster has 1 carry for 1 yard]
**** Walsh's kick fielded at 14 by Rogan, who gets to his own 35. Andrew Williams on the stop for the Dawgs.
(1st & 10) From own 38, Stephens right side to Foster out of the backfield, who gets 11.
(1st & 10) From own 49, Foster leans at right tackle for 3. Kade Weston on the stop.
(2nd & 7) At UGA 48, Stephens looks right, throws left incomplete intended for Gerald Jones. Brandon Wood with the pressure for Georgia.
(3rd & 7) From the gun, Stephens over the middle complete to Lucas Taylor for 3. Prince Miller on the stop.
(4th & 4) From UGA 45, Colquitt punts it into the endzone.
(1st & 10) After the touchback, Dawgs at own 20. Tennessee jumps early.
(1st & 5) After penalty, UGA from own 25. Knowshon spins right side for a yard.
(2nd & 4) Give to Knowshon, who is tackled for a loss of 3.
(3rd & 7) From own 23, Stafford incomplete over the middle intended for Moore. But watch the flags. Pass interference on UT. That'll move the sticks.
(1st & 10) Knowshon from own 38, sweeps right for 13.
(1st & 10) At UT 49, Caleb King gets his first tote of the game, right side for 1. Vince Vance is shaken up; he comes off with help. Clint Boling moves to left tackle.
(2nd & 8) Dawgs at UT 47. Stafford dumps it right side to Southerland, who get 9 to the UT 38.
(1st & 10) Stafford's pass is tipped over the middle and incomplete.
(2nd & 10) Stafford complete underneath to Kenneth Harris, who was covered up. He gets 4.
(3rd & 6) At UT 33, Stafford hits Demiko Goodman for 21 yards.
(1st & 10) At UT 14, Knowshon left side for a yard.
(2nd & 9) From the gun, Stafford's pass left side is picked off by Robert Ayers, who returns it to UT 23.
[Quick stat: Georgia is now 19-for-21 on scoring opportunities in the red zone this year. The only other time the Dawgs failed to score inside the 20 was when the game ended against Arizona State.]
(1st & 10) Vols at own 23. Stephens underneath center. He gives to Hardesty for a 2-yard gain.
(2nd & 8) Flags down as Jones sweeps left. Gamble on the stop for Georgia. It's off sides on Dawgs.
(2nd & 3) From own 30, Hardesty darts up the middle for 6 and a first down.
(1st & 10) From own 36, Stephens throws deep right side to Denarius Moore, who beats coverage for a 60-yard gain to the Georgia 4.
(1st & goal) Hardesty left side for 2. Marcus Dowtin on the stop.
(2nd & goal) At the two, Stephens under pressure from Dobbs, throws it away.
(3rd & goal) Stephens hits Jones in the end zone for the TD (Daniel Lincoln kick).
Scoring drive: 6 plays, 77 yard, 3:08
*****GEORGIA 13, TENNESSEE 7 (2:23,2nd qtr.)
***Richard Samuel botches the return and is tackled at his own 3.
(1st &10) From his own end zone, Knowshon carries right side for 2.
(2nd & 8) From own 5, Knowshon right side again for now gain. UT calls time out.
(3rd & 8) From out of the endzone, Stafford complete to Knowshon in the middle for 14.
(1st & 10) From own 19, Stafford gets it to MoMass on the right side for 14 more.
(1st & 10) From their 33, Staff and MoMass try to link up again. Mohamed gets checked hard and it's incomplete. But watch the flag. Demetrice Morley called for a personal foul for helmet contact with Mohamed, who is hurt….Wait! The crowd cheers as he jumps up now. He's okay! Meanwhile, Vince Vance is gone for the game with a knee injury, we are told.
(1st & 10) New set of downs for the Dawgs at their 48. Richard Samuel pinballs his way for 3 yards on the right side.
(2nd & 7) At UT 49 now. Stafford hits Demiko Goodman for a gain of 18. There's also a personal foul at the end of the play on Vols, moving it to the UT 16.
(1st & 10) Dawgs driving late (:26 left). Stafford hit as he unloads incomplete, intended for Goodman.
(2nd & 10) Nice grab by A.J. coming across. He gets 7 yards to the UT 9-yard line.
(3rd & 3) Stafford hits a wide open Massaquoi on the left side for the TD. Dang right, he's okay. (Walsh kick) Dawgs took it 97 yards in 9 plays and used just 2:08. That's the third 90+ yard scoring drive of the season for Dawgs.
***GEORGIA 20, TENNESSEE 7 (:09, 2nd qtr.)
***Greer returns Walsh's kick to the UT 32-yard line.
(1st & 10) Stephens takes at knee.