UGA-UT: 1st Quarter Drive Chart

*****Walsh boots it into the endzone. Nice start.
(1st & 10) From own 20, Pass from Nick Stephens complete left side to Gerald Jones for 25 and first down. Prince Miller on the stop.
(1st & 10) Arian Foster runs right for a yard. Darryl Gamble and Miller make stop.
(2nd & 9)Stephens from shotgun, incomplete over the middle.
(3rd & 9) From own 46, nine to go. From gun, Stephens taken down by Corvey Irvin!
(4th & 15) Britton Colquitt boots it 39 yards.
(1ST & 10) Dawgs start from their own 21. Stafford looks right, throws left to A.J. Green for 7 yards.
(2nd & 3) From 28, toss sweep left side to Knowshon (running over people!) for 12 yards. Move the chains.
(1st & 10) From own 39, Stafford in gun. Off the hands of Brannan Southerland on the left side.
(2nd & 10) Stafford underneath, Southerland in motion, Knowshon sweeps right and plugs a guy with his noggin! He gets 10 and a first down.
(1st & 10) At midfield stripe, Stafford underneath. Play action, throws a short duck left side. Someone got a hand on it up front.
(2nd & 10) From gun, Stafford hits Kenneth Harris over the middle for 5.
(3rd & 5) From gun, Stafford rolls left and hits Harris in left flats for about 5. They'll measure it….just short.
(4th & inches) Dawgs at UT 40. Stafford keeps it right side for 2 yards and a first down!
(1st & 10) Pitch to Knowshon left side for 3 over tackle.
(2nd & 7) Stafford dumps it off left side for Shaun Chapas.
(3rd & 5) At UT 33, Stafford in gun. There's a whistle. False start on Dawgs (A.J. Green).
(3rd & 10) At UT 38. Stafford, gun, left side complete to Chapas who has a tunnel to run through! All the way to the one!
(1st & goal) Stafford feeds to Southerland. Touchdown, Georgia! Welcome back, Brannan. (Walsh Kick). Good job, Brian Mimbs on the low snap! [12 plays, 79 yards, 5:36 on scoring drive]
*****Walsh kicks it into the endzone again.
(1ST & 10) Vols at their own 20. Dawgs DE Roderick Battle into the game for the first time since Central Michigan. Montario Hardesty runs left for 7 yards.
(2nd & 3) Play action by Stephens rolling right, under heat by Rennie Curran. Pass broken up by Akeem Dent.
(3rd & 3) From the gun, Stephens right side pass deflected by Demarcus Dobbs.
(4th & 3) Colquitt boots it to Logan Gray. From the 23, Gray goes right side 11 yards to the UGA 34. Dennis Rogan on the stop. Rogan stopped Logan.
(1ST & 10) Stafford left side to A.J. on a receiver screen. Nice block by Mike Moore. He gets 12.
(1st & 10) Stafford fires over the middle to MoMass for 20 yards. Make that 27 straight games with a catch for MoMass.
(1st & 10) At UT 34, Knowshon roaming left side for 5. DeAngelo Willingham on the stop.
(2nd & 5) Off sides on UT.
(2nd & inches) At UT 25, Knowshon straight handoff, veers right and gets to 20.
(1st & 10) At UT 21, Stafford in gun hits a wide open A.J. Green in the end zone, who drops it.
(2nd & 10) Stafford underneath, pitches to Knowshon left side, who gets 4.
(3rd & 5) From gun, Stafford overthrows A.J. in right corner. A.J. got turned around.
(4th & 5) Walsh on to try a 34-yard FG. It's up. It's good. Scoring drive: 8 play, 49 yards in 3:00.
*****Walsh boots it to the one. Rogan runs it back to the UT 20. Benjamin Boyd and Chad Gloer make the stop.
(1st & 10) Lenon Greer stacked at right guard for no gain.
(1st & 10) Greer sweeps right for two. Gamble makes the stop.
(3nd & 8) From own 26, Stephens in gun…dropped by a blitzing Prince Miler! Loss of 9 back to UT 17.
(4th & 17) Colquitt kicks it 46 yards and Prince Miller returns it 27 yards to the UT 36.
(1st & 10) At UT 36, Dawgs with a short field. Knowshon for one, right side.
(2nd & 10) Quick drop by Stafford, complete to A.J. left side, who cuts it in for no gain.
(3rd & 10)