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Tracking the Talent

To get the inside scoop and to truly evaluate the talent, you have to get as close to the action as possible. UGASports stays on the road covering Recruiting throughout the year, but just this week Monday through Wednesday we visited schools in Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. We saw some of the top players in the country.
This feature will bring you closer to guys like UGA commitments Chase Vasser, Aaron Murray, and Austin Long.
It also features Rivals100 tight end Orson Charles five-star receiver Marlon Brown, and an exclusive interview with Murray's head coach Robert Weiner.
Just brief clips of our time with them at their school, in their weight room, or on their practice field are shown in this video presentation, but each will be shown in full within the next couple of weeks.
You will see a UGA commitment hitting the weights, you will see multiple one on one interviews where they answer all of the questions, and you will see how some of the top players continue to work hard on the practice field working to improve their game.
Check out this Must See video of some of the Nation's best by clicking the link below.
Exclusive FREE Video: Tracking the Talent
To get more scoop on my time on the road this week, click HERE for nuggets and photos of all the guys we have visited this week.
Georgia continues to recruit well in and out of the state of Georgia for the class of 2009, and this is an opportune time to sign up for a 7-Day FREE Trial as we inch closer to the fall.