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The latest on Justin Fields

Freshman quarterback Justin Fields has told the Georgia coaching staff he's looking into transferring after the conclusion of the 2018 season.

Fields asked to have his name included on the NCAA Transfer Portal list. The transfer portal takes the place of the release student athletes once needed from their coaches before they could speak with other schools.

Fields and his family are expected to consult with attorney Thomas Mars. Mars was instrumental in helping a number of Ole Miss student athletes appeal the NCAA rule that requires transfers between FBS schools to sit out one year. Those athletes, notable Shea Patterson of Michigan, were allowed to play immediately.

These factors don't guarantee Fields will transfer from Georgia. He was at practice today and is expected to play in Georgia's bowl game. Still, these two factors remain: He has placed his name on the transfer list, in order to hear from coaches; and he may be consulting with an attorney specializing in transfer. Together, these add up to the likelihood of Fields leaving.

On a related note, freshman tight end Luke Ford's name is in the NCAA Transfer Portal. He is expected to transfer after the bowl game as well.