Richts leave Honduras

The following is the final of five diary entries from Georgia head coach Mark Richt while on his week long mission to Honduras with his family. Everybody at and the Dawgvent community would like to thank coach Richt for taking the time to provide fans with a glimpse into the non-football side of his life. Over 100 emails were sent in to coach Richt via with comments about his trip.
Dear Dawgventers,
What a great week!
The last day we spent enjoying each others fellowship, some shopping and sightseeing. We saw some spectacular views on our way to the Valley of the Angels. Some of the homes probably only cost $50 to build but had five million dollar views.
Jon got himself a Clemson colored hammock. David got himself a soccer jersey of the Honduran champions – team Montagua. Anya got a really nice dolphin necklace and Zack got himself a cool ring. Katharyn and I got a really nice hand carved wooden picture of a Honduran village that we plan to put in our home as a way to always remember our wonderful trip. We bartered the venders down as low as we could go but then turned around a paid full price.
Katharyn believes in economics, especially in supply and demand. She demands and I supply. Just kidding. She does believe though in helping the GNP and actually I think the entire GNP of Honduras went up one percent yesterday. My wonderful wife doesn't really like to shop, she just buys!
We ate dinner at a very nice authentic steak house, El Patio, which was fantastic. The best part of the day was when Todd stopped on the side of the road to take our leftovers and some Bibles to a family that lives in a shack. This house, nothing more than some boards, was right on the side of the road and a strong wind would easily topple it over. My family and I were very touched at the opportunity to be a blessing to them.
I found the Honduran people to be very warm and friendly. They are very open to the Gospel, have a great sense of humor, and enjoy life despite their many hardships. It was a huge blessing to my family and I that we came this week. We are already talking with Todd about coming again.
I would like to thank Sandy and Joann (WBM directors) for the love they showed us all week. They loved on us and our children and made us feel very welcome here. I'm going to miss my carpentry buddy, Jorge, as well.
I might even miss the roosters. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking about getting a couple for the house back home. Okay, I'm not going that far!
Many people asked us before we left what we were doing or where we were going and Katharyn and I did not know. All we knew was that Todd was going to take care of us and we had faith in him to do that. He was just great this week for all of us and really gave us a blessing. His love and friendship is something our whole family has enjoyed and looks forward to in the future.
Thanks to all the Dawgventers for your prayers and support this week. Katharyn, the children, and I greatly appreciate your love and support. Now, I am rested and excited for the 2007 season.
Go Dawgs and God Bless,
The Richts
Todd Unzicker was a staff writer and later managing editor for from 2003-2005. He currently serves as a missionary with World Baptist Missions in Honduras. For more in formation on how you can help or serve with World Baptist Missions, go to their website: or to support Todd and his ministry.