Richt PC Notes Quotes

Click here to listen to UGA head coach Mark Richt speak with the media at Tuesday's game week press conference.
On Georgia Tech:
"We've got a big game this week for sure. That's an understatement. We're playing a great football team. Georgia Tech has done a fantastic job. They are solid all the way around. … They definitely have a lot of heart. They play big in the biggest games, and this certainly is a big game. … I am as impressed as I can be with them on both sides of the ball."
On Tech quarterback Reggie Ball:
"Ball can throw it or run it exceptionally well. He runs it physically. He runs between the tackles in a physical way. He's had very few sacks this year and very few interceptions. He's been impressive."
On what the game means:
"This game certainly is important to us. We're excited about having the chance to come to Atlanta the week after this (for the SEC Championship Game). But in a way, it was good to see Georgia Tech whip up on Miami to make sure we don't have any thoughts at all of looking ahead. ... By no means are we taking this game lightly."
On Georgia quarterback D.J. Shockley:
"I hope at times Shockley will avoid some pressure, buy some time and maybe cross the line and get a key first down here and there. There's a premium on guys understanding who to block to keep them off the quarterback. Backs must block against this defense to give the quarterback time and space to throw the ball. I hope Shockley's athleticism will make a difference from time to time, but he's also got to stand in there when things are flying around him."
On Georgia Tech receiver Calvin Johnson:
"Anybody going against him is going to have their hands full. That's probably true in any one-on-one situation. This kid's body, jumping ability and speed are just a big problem for one guy to handle. We'll have to have a way to double him up if we need to. He's playing stronger (this year). He's gifted with a body that he uses as a weapon to shield people, to get off the jam and to out-jump people."
Danny Verdun Wheeler
"Georgia Tech is always a great opponent, they always play us tough. They are a great football team that is disciplined and has good fundamentals. You have to be a good team to be able to stop Miami (in reference to Tech's 14-10 victory over the Hurricanes Saturday)."
"Reggie (Ball) adds another dimension to their offense. He can be a finesse quarterback and beat you with his arm and he can also be a power runner."
"Calvin Johnson is a big guy with great hands. He can go up and catch anything that is thrown his way."
"This game is huge because of the in-state rivalry. It's like the state championship. You know everyone around the state is talking about it. It means a lot to the players, you want to win it for personal pride. They want to beat us, we want to beat them. We know a lot of those guys on their team. We talk about the rivalry a little bit, but mostly we just leave it all on the field."
Russ Tanner
"This in-state 'battle of 316' goes back a long time. There were a lot of people that scratched and clawed and bled to win this game. You earn bragging rights for a whole year."
"Tech blitzes all the time. We have to be able to put a hat on a hat or it's going to be a long day. We have a good game plan put together, if we can go out and execute, we'll be OK."
"Shockley brings confidence to our offense and our team. If the play breaks down you know he can get something done for you."
"The Georgia Tech game is like a whole season in itself. You have the SEC schedule, then you have Tech, then you have the SEC Championship. They're all separate seasons. We took care of the SEC East and that's all we can ask for right now. Now we have to face Tech. We don't need any other reason to get up against Georgia Tech beside the fact that it's Georgia Tech. We'll be jacked up."
DeMario Minter
"Calvin Johnson is one of the best receivers in the nation. I will have my hands full with him this weekend. He makes some amazing catches. As a defensive back, you can't do anything about it when a guy makes a great catch even though you had good coverage."
"Tech has a complicated offense with a lot of weapons. The Miami win surprised a lot of people, but a lot of guys on our team though they would win that game, I know I did."
"I grew up with Reggie Ball, we played in high school together. I rout for him when he plays other teams, but the friendship stops between the lines."
D.J. Shockley
"Georgia Tech doesn't have too many defensive weaknesses. They have a lot of guys that can cause a quarterback some trouble. We have to have a good game plan and make sure everyone is on the same page, then we have to execute. Everyone has to do their job."
"You never want to lose this game. It's bragging rights for a whole year. The in-state rivalry makes it different from all the other rivalries."
"This season has been a dream come true. We have done so much as a team. It's special too because a lot of people were doubting us coming into the season. Now that we've won the East and have a chance to play in the SEC Championship game, when no one really gave us a chance before the season, feels really good."
Brannan Southerland
"Tech is known for their blitzes. It's definitely a good opportunity to show that we can pick up the blitz and prove we are good blocking backs. It's going to be a smash mouth football game. We'll have to get the run game going and prove that we are a great offense."
"Most of my blocks are in traffic where people don't see them. But If my block was effective and I see the tailback running down the field, that's what I like. I don't really care if people don't see them."
Bryan McClendon
"The biggest moment for me against Georgia Tech was our big win here my freshman year (2002). That's the best one, to get a win over a ball club like that."
"Tech has a very well-coached defense. They play every snap extremely hard. They are Division I athletes, they're here for a reason. They are one of the top defenses we will face this year. It's probably the best defense I've seen out of Tech so far."
"With this in-state rivalry you can throw the stats and records out the window. It's like that in every sport and even in something like a debate. You just want to win because its Tech. Any records and stats, all that previous stuff doesn't matter."