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QA with Roderick Battle

Even as the 2005 season swirls around Bulldog fans, and while everyone always
keeps a watchful eye on recruiting, it is inevitable that the prospects from
last season, the signees of last February that are now redshirting their first
year with the team, are somewhat forgotten. As we enter the second half of the
regular season, UGASports.com will begin to take a look at some of the freshmen
who are redshirting. First up, defensive Roderick Battle.
How is everything going for you Roderick?
"Everything is going good. We have a lot of injuries, but it feels good to be number four in the country."
What has been the biggest adjustment for you at defensive end?
"The biggest adjustment at defensive end is just every little mistake or miscue matters up here. You have to play perfect on this level to be successful."
How are academics going for you?
"The classes aren't that hard, but it just hard to find the time to get all the work in and it is hard to focus sometimes with 299 kids in one class."
How are you coming along at defensive end?
"I have really been improving. My technique is getting better. My hands and feet are getting a lot better."
Are you working with the scout team?
"No, I am getting the reps with the regulars."
How does it feel to be getting red-shirted?
"I think it is the best thing for me. It is giving me the chance to improve."
Is it hard practicing everyday knowing you will not get in on Saturdays?
"No, not at all. I go out there and practice hard everyday like I am going to play. I want to be ready when my time comes."
Has Georgia been everything you expected it to be?
"It has been great. The crowds are great and the atmosphere was crunk Saturday versus Arkansas."
What is your weight right now?
"I am right at 245 pounds. I have dropped five pounds since the spring."
Who are you learning from in practice this year?
"Two people: Will Thompson and Charles Johnson. Will is like an older brother to me and I have really bonded with Charles. I watch and learn from all of them (defensive ends). "Q" is having a great year."
How is it playing for Coach Fabris?
"It is good. He is a great coach and teacher out there."
What are you looking forward to about this off-season?
"Mat drills. I really want to see if I can hang."