Peters surprised by visit

Heritage cornerback Garry Peters did not know what to expect this weekend when he decided to attend the University of Georgia's junior day.
What he saw when he got on campus actually change his whole outlook on the program.
"I loved it," Peters told UGASports Monday. "Before I went I didn't think I would like it there to be honest, but I loved everything"
The campus tour gave Peters his first look at what it would be like to attend Georgia. He was given a tour of the Ramsey Center, the East Campus Village dorms, the Zell Miller Learning Center, and the Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall. The 6-foot-1 defensive back was impressed with everything he saw.
"The whole campus was so nice, and the dorms were out of this world!" Peters exclaimed. "We saw the weight room, the locker room, they were all state of the art, but when they said they were upgrading them that made it seem scary."
As amazed as he was by his surroundings, Peters admits that it was what happened after the tour that made the whole weekend worthwhile.
"I got to meet with the coaches, and they are all great," he said. "When we ate lunch, Coach Willie Martinez ate with just me and my dad. He is an amazing guy."
The two made a lasting impression.
"As a whole, I just felt like Georgia is a home for me, their coaches are just like mine in high school. They share the same love for their players and it feels like a family to me."
Peters did not receive an offer on his trip to Athens, but the Bulldogs seem to have gotten his attention. He grew up liking a pair of Sunshine State schools growing up, so will the Bulldogs have a shot with the skilled corner?
"I feel I will get an offer next week or two," says Peters. I have always like Florida and Miami growing up and Georgia is in my top five right now, but if they offer they will be No. 1 or No. 2."
A rising senior at Heritage high school, he was not always a peach state citizen.
"My family grew up in Jamaica and moved to Connecticut when I was younger, so we did not follow any colleges really," said Peters. "The first place we came then was here and my dad immediately fell in love with Georgia."
Peters admits that there is a lot for him to like about Georgia, and his family as well.
"They are close and my dad loves them and so do all my friends who want to see me play in college. "
The tradition of Georgia football is one of the best in the country, a fact that does not go unnoticed by Peters.
"It's great they are always top ten, like the last seven years I think, and hopefully if I'm there they win another national championship," he said. "I know they produce big time players, like the second most NFL athletes I believe."
The 6-foot 170-pound junior actually tried to get his best friend and fellow 2010 prospect Mack Brown from MLK high school to go with him to Athens. After some discussion, they agreed on a plan.
"We kept going back and forth on each other's junior day so we decided to split up and tell each other how it went," he said. "Mack and me will meet up at another junior day I know it."
The two top prospects not only plan to travel together, they are thinking about ending their recruitment together, but according to Peters, don't expect it to come anytime soon.
"We will both wait it out, and there is a good possibility that we decide together. We might commit early, but we want to take all of our visits because it is a once in a lifetime experience."
Peters has not set a timetable on when he may decide, but he does know what he is looking for in his future school of choice.
"The three things I will be basing my decision on are academics, playing time distance from home," said Peters.