UGASports - Fromm on his future, mechanics, and more
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Fromm on his future, mechanics, and more

“That’s where the game is going and with my feet, I’m ready to go. Let’s go play football and be a football player.”
— Jake Fromm on whether he'd like to run the football more

NEW ORLEANS – Thoughts that Jake Fromm might reveal a decision about his future with the Bulldogs were quickly brushed aside by the quarterback during Sunday morning's press conference to preview Wednesday's Sugar Bowl against Baylor.

“That’s something I haven’t really thought about,” Fromm said. “For me, it’s been how can we get better in these practices before Christmas, go home for Christmas and enjoy time with the family, get to be a little kid for a little bit, then come back here and play in an awesome bowl game.”

Fromm did concede that he has received his grade from the NFL Draft board, but would wait until after the bowl to discuss it with his parents before making a final decision.

Queries about Fromm’s future weren’t the only ones asked of the Georgia junior.

His current level of play was also a huge focal point, including questions on whether or not some mechanical issues led to some of his late-season issues after completing less than 50 percent of his passes in each of the Bulldogs’ last five games.

“For us, we’ve been working throughout these last two weeks, a lot on feet, how can we get quicker, how can we develop a better base, how can we get better feet through progressions three and four,” he said. “We’re really working on that.”

He didn’t deny it’s been an issue.

“It’s tough. Throughout the season you work less on fundamentals and more on scheme. That’s part of the battle of what you put the time into,” Fromm said. “For us, I know for me, I got away from the fundamentals and worked a little too much on scheme, and it hurt my progress with my feet later throughout the year.”

Which begs the question, did Fromm regress as a quarterback compared to his first two seasons?

Statistically, there’s certainly been a change.

Fromm’s efficiency rating of 138.68 is significantly lower than the 171.21, while his completion percentage of 60.3 is behind the 67.3 he posted as a sophomore in 2018.

But as far as any regression, offensive coordinator James Coley doesn’t agree.

When asked specifically if Fromm’s stats were a sign of regression by his quarterback, he offered a different explanation.

“Jake’s performance, I would say, with Lawrence Cager in the game, was something like 71 percent completion for the season," Coley said. "Lawrence Cager is not in the game, it’s a lot lower. Has he regressed or have his stats regressed? I’d say his stats regressed. I’m around Jake every day. I coach Jake; I was his quarterback coach last year. If anything, Jake is sharper because of the multiples he’s had to do deal with, with new guys in the lineup.”

Coley offered examples of why he believes that’s the case.

“It looks like you’re not accurate when guys are running a bender across the middle of the field and he keeps it vertical. You think he’s bending, and the ball ends up being short, and you end up saying, ‘Man, this guy threw a terrible ball.’ Or the guy is running a 10-yard stop route, and he runs it at 12, and it’s a low throw,” Coley said. “That’s not all the time, but it happens when you get injuries; it happens when you’ve got guys who haven’t played in a while, or if it’s their first chance, they’re a little nervous and take their routes a little deeper than they should, and it ends up looking like (Fromm)'s not playing as good as he was a year ago.”

Fromm did let it be known that he’s ready to run, something he’s not been asked to do very much in Georgia’s offensive scheme.

“That’s where the game is going, and with my feet, I’m ready to go,” Fromm said. “Let’s go play football and be a football player.”

Fromm did lay one rumor to rest: that his shoulder has been a problem.

“I’ve been healthy,” said Fromm, who admitted the season has at times been tough.

“It’s a football season. Football seasons are always tough,” he said. “But I love football, I love this team, I love this university. I couldn’t ask for a better spot.”

Coley agreed.

“When you’ve got to deal with the guys who are playing around you, you’ve almost got to adjust your game to them. So I think Jake is still the same Jake. I think he’s done a great job with his attitude and the way he comes to work every day,” Coley said. “He’s not fazed by stats; he’s not fazed by production in a game where he knows he did all he could do to give us a shot. But coaching him for two years now, I’m proud of the kid. Watching him in practice just this week and last week, man, you talk about someone who comes in with a great spirit to compete and affect others, it’s unbelievable.”

Jake Fromm admitted his foot work could use some improving.
Jake Fromm admitted his foot work could use some improving. (Radi Nabulsi)