UGASports - Exit Interview: A.J. McDonald
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Exit Interview: A.J. McDonald

A three-year member of Georgia's scout team, linebacker A.J. McDonald
never had a chance to play in a game for the Bulldogs but his contributions were nonetheless important ones. 
As UGASports continues its series of "Exit Interviews" with Georgia's
graduating seniors, we spend some time with McDonald - who decided to live out a
childhood dream by transferring from Appalachian State.
UGASports: How would you sum up your career with the Bulldogs?
McDonald: "It was great. I transferred in (from Appalachian State) and only
played for three years but it was fun. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot of
things, learned a lot from Coach Richt and made some of the best friends I'll
have for a while."
UGASports: What was the best part of your career?
McDonald: "Just putting on the G, to be honest. Game Days was a lot of fun, Dawg
Walk, the fans, the atmosphere, those were things I never experienced before."
UGASports: Why did you decide to transfer from Appalachian State?
McDonald: "It was all about wanting to play in the SEC. I just wanted to play for
Coach Richt and I was always a Georgia fan."
UGASports: What was the most disappointing part about your career?
McDonald: "Probably my two knee surgeries."
UGASports: If you could do anything over again, what would it be?
McDonald: "Probably take everything more seriously at first. Sometimes people
don't realize the opportunity they have and I don't think I realized that when I
first got there. At first I should have been more serious."
UGASports: What was your favorite bowl?
McDonald: "This last one, the Belk Bowl was a lot of fun. The atmosphere was
UGASports: What was the most memorable win that you were able to be a part
McDonald: "I'd have to say Auburn (this year)."
UGASports: What was the most disappointing loss?
McDonald: "Georgia Tech, it had to be."
UGASports: What are your future plans?
McDonald: "Hopefully Law School in September, either Georgia State or John
Marshall. I'd like to get into sports law. I wanted to be an agent at first but
now I wanted to be able to inspect contracts, the CBA, things like that."