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Chuks Amaechi unleashed

For just the second time this season we had a chance to speak with outside linebacker Chuks Amaechi. This opportunity follows his strong performance at Missouri, a game in which he saw his most action as a Georgia Bulldog. Here is the interview with his often funny and always insightful quotes transcribed below.

On early games:

“I’m a morning person. When I get up in the morning, I’m ready to go. With those late games, you’re kinda waiting all day and getting more anxious. The fact you have to watch 30 or 40 teams on ESPN play, it just makes you want to play that much more.”

On sitting through all the games this past Saturday:

“Sitting there watching all those games, it just made me want to fast forward to 7:30 and kickoff.”

On facing another spread team:

“I feel like it’s a regular spread team, but they are fast paced like Missouri with a bigger body quarterback that will keep it in a zone read and try to take it 50.”

“It doesn’t take any aggressiveness out of us. As long you play your keys with linebackers behind you and your defensive backs play their keys, you can stop the run.”

Who is playing Chad Kelly on the Georgia scout team?

“We Caleeb Roberson playing there right now. He’s one of the fastest dudes on the team, so we have him keeping zone reads and running sideline to sideline. It’s a good emulation. He can throw too. I think he was a quarterback in high school.”

On seeing more time on the field:

“I’m getting a little more playing time. It was the fact that it was a fast pace and we wanted to keep all the linebackers fresh. I felt like it was long fought win and I remember Coach Smart and Coach Tucker that it was going to long game and that if we fought the way were supposed to, we would come out with the win.”

What were the halftime adjustments versus Missouri?

“Just communication and making sure our eyes were where they were supposed to be and after the play we were up looking to the sideline waiting for Coach Tucker to give us our next play call.”

What is is like on the sideline among your group?

“It’s constant pumping up. It’s not silent. Everybody is making sure everybody is on the same page and making sure everybody that even after they had the long touchdown we keeping each other up.”

What about facing Ole Miss tight end Evan Engram:

“I’ve heard a lot about him. I’ve heard he’s a versatile player that is the size of a tight end but can run like a receiver, so it should be a tough game guarding him.

Who comes out when you come in?

“When I come in, I can come in for ‘Jack’ or the ‘end’. It depends on who has more plays.”

How do you guys compete with each other as a group?

“It’s about the team. We’re trying to get wins. We’re not worried about stats. As a position group, I know a couple times [Davin Bellamy] was close to getting a couple sacks. I know when he gets mad he’ll sit there and not look at anybody. He can see me out of the corner of his eye and he would chuckle and then go back to being mad. I would say ‘Bruh, you were this close’ and he would say ‘I know! Leave me alone.” I would tell him I was just trying to get him ready for the next series.”

On Missouri getting the ball out so quickly:

“It’s very frustrating. That was all Bell talked about yesterday, 'Every play was one one thousand, two one thousand, throw.' It was very frustrating when you don’t have time to get there. Teams that throw like that have linemen who like to cut [block] too.”

Who is the tight end on the team who gives you the most trouble?

“Isaac Nauta, he’s more of the wide receiver type. He does a lot of head fakes and out and ups. You have to stay on his low hip and stay one step behind and follow his hips.”