The weekly diary of Tanner Strickland

Tanner Strickland was the first prospect to give Mark Richt and the University of Georgia his verbal commitment for the class of 2007.
Strickland became a Bulldog in August of 2006 and has remained firm with commitment since then. He is not only a top offensive lineman on the football field, but a scholar in the classroom as well.
He is scheduled to graduate in December of 2006 and then enroll at Georgia in January of 2007.
From now (first week of July) through the end of December, Strickland has agreed to share his weekly diary with
You will be able to find his diary every week on Thursday.
He started this diary on Sunday, so you will only get four days this week, but he will start a new diary tomorrow (he will be at UGA's camp, so look for a lot of good info in next week's diary) and you will get a full seven days from him.
Sunday - July 2
- I woke up around 7 and came home from my friend's house to get ready to go to church. I play guitar at a church in Valdosta on Sunday mornings so I usually have to be there by 8:30, which means I leave my house around 8. After church I came home and ate with some of my family from Alabama, and then just hung out the rest of the day with them and some friends.
Monday - July 3
- I didn't do too much besides play guitar. Me and my friend Matt play music at a restaurant in town, and they were having the grand opening Monday night. We were playing with another band from Nashville, Little Brown Peach. They play in Athens some, so if you know them, and you're a reading, there's some more Nashville for you.
Tuesday - July 4
- Fourth of July...Went down to Valdosta to hang out with some friends of mine and watch some bands play and some fireworks....a lot of fireworks.
Wednesday - July 5
- Woke up (I was still in Valdosta) and met a friend for lunch, then went to Publix to buy some food for a cookout. Grilled that night, ate, and then went and ran (which for the record, was the worst decision I made that day...maybe next time I'll run before eating.)
Thursday - July 6
- That's today...Went and ate lunch, and now I'm here. Typing.
Well that's about it. Can't wait for the camp this weekend. Should be fun to get to hang out with all the other guys and try to reel some more in.
Go Dawgs!
- Tanner Strickland would like to thank Strickland for taking part in this weekly feature.
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