Richt wants fans to be loud

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There has long been a debate amongst fans and those on the Dawgvent about how
best to cheer and support the team during a game.  Many fans think you should stand
at all times and scream until you have absolutely no voice while others think
you should only stand during big plays or moments of real importance to the
game.  Throughout the past week head coach Mark Richt and several players
addressed what they would like to see for this weekend's game against LSU.
"When they (LSU) are on offense, I want to see all the fans up and cheering as
loud as possible to get the stadium rocking," said Richt Tuesday.  "When we are on
offense, I want everybody to be as quiet as possible."
Georgia players said all last season that Tiger Stadium in Baton Rogue was the
loudest and rowdiest place that they had ever played during there careers. Tiger
Stadium holds 92,251 fans while Georgia's Sanford Stadium holds 92,746, the
nation's fifth largest on campus stadium.
"We have more fans so I don't see why we can't be as loud as them,"
exclaimed Richt.
It is obvious that the coaches are counting on Dawg fans to be the extra
edge in this game and then again the following weekend when the Georgia hosts
never forget last year when we scored the touchdown (Tyson Browning's 93
yard screen pass in Baton Rogue to tie the game 10-10 with 4:23 in the fourth
quarter)," said Richt. "Their fans didn't get quiet, they got louder. That's
what our fans need to do."
Richt said he hopes his team's fans will come out excited.
"I'm pretty insulated (during the week) but I assume our fans are
getting jacked up," he said. "I sure hope they are."
The players agree.
"This is why I came to Georgia," said offensive lineman Daniel Inman
"To play in big games like this and have the fans going crazy. I sure hope they
are as hyped as we are."
Georgia kicks off at 3:40 on Saturday against the National Champion LSU
Tigers in a nationally televised game on CBS.