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QA with Dan Inman

Georgia offensive tackle Dan Inman will face his biggest test of the
season this Saturday when Marcus Spears and the rest of the LSU Tiger
defense comes to Athens. "I went home last weekend, and the only thing I could
think about was this big game coming up," said Inman. "I just need to give it
everything I have got and go out there and play."
Do you consider this your big test, going of against a guy like Marcus
"I think that Spears is a great player. He is ranked as the top defensive end
in the nation, and he is a great athlete. I am going to have to have my best
Do you feel like UGA has to have a great game to show that you are as
improved as your No. 3 ranking would suggest?
"I think we have been doing descent this season, but we can always get
better, and I think this is a good test against a very good defense."
Ten of the 47 sacks Georgia gave up last season were to LSU. What makes them
so much more difficult?
"I think they just have great athletes that execute very well. You have to
play your best game against them, because they are going to bring the blitz and
you have to be ready to pick it up."
How does their front seven look compared to last year?
"They look great. I do not think they have lost a bit, and they are still as
good as they were last year. They have great athletes up front, and great
athletes in the secondary. They are the total package."
Last year the UGA was fairly new, and never really dealt effectively with the
LSU blitz. Are you more comfortable this year?
"The atmosphere [in Baton Rouge] is one of the greatest in college football.
If you get their defense fired up, and they were fired up the whole game, they
will never stop bring the blitz. We tried our best to pick it up, but if they
blitz somebody has got to break free and we have to execute."