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THere were some on here who were stating that Cawgs or Cie would be disrespectful and could even anger Ghost's family. They said that the spelling should be the correct spelling on any memorial t-shirts and on and on.
I noticed that Ghost's brother, Scott Turnbull, in his post to all Venters closed his post with the words, "Cawgs or gie".
That should put to rest the issue of the family being opposed to the phrase that is part of the legend.
This evening, I came here and realized again that there would be no more of the posts that were so spectacularly passionate and that make Ghostzilla such a special part of this forum.

Posted on 2/12 8:47 PM | IP: Logged

Yep I feel the same way cant believe he is gone RIP GHOST (the original war daddy)

Cawgs or Gie!

Posted on 2/12 8:55 PM | IP: Logged

intelligence level, spelling ability, etc.

It was a "typo" in its most ironic and artistic form. Mostly though, it was about passion for the dawgs.

When the banner is flown, it should say "Cawgs or Gie." That will bring attention to it. Most folks will ask "WTF?" But there will be at least 1 person in every tailgate that will say, "Let me tell you about cawgs or gie."

Posted on 2/12 8:56 PM | IP: Logged

. And let him rest in peace. This has become close to nauseating.

This post was edited on 2/12 9:10 PM by gadawg_14

Posted on 2/12 8:58 PM | IP: Logged

of nausea, your photo should be next to the definition.

Posted on 2/12 9:16 PM | IP: Logged


Posted on 2/12 9:17 PM | IP: Logged

... the man was one helluava Dawg fan, let folks celebrate his life.

Posted on 2/12 9:32 PM | IP: Logged

I respectfully disagree with you on this one JudgeLarryDawg. His brother may have said that in his post because he knew Grame's nuances, but "Cawgs or gie" was never what Ghost intended for the post. My daughter used to say Pokey Nokey instead of Pinnochio when she was four or five years old. As cute as that is to me she hates it when I say it now because it was not her intent.

"Cawgs or Gie" was not Ghost's intent and I'm certain that he would not want to be branded by those three words either. He'd want to be remembered for his passion for his alma mater the "mighty G" not because of some typo he had in a post.


Posted on 2/12 9:49 PM | IP: Logged

As others say all the time, this is about UGA, not an individual.

And that's not my picture...

Posted on 2/12 10:01 PM | IP: Logged

It's looking like neither will make it on the shirt. "Dawgs" is definitely not an option, and I don't want to be disrespectful. Possibly The Mighty "G," with the dates of his life underneath and "The Original Wardaddy" with an illustration of Graeme. Maybe even a one sided shirt with one or the other.

Posted on 2/12 10:01 PM | IP: Logged

He would have signed all of his posts thereafter "Cawgs or Gie," not "Dawgs or Die."

And with all due respect, that particular post was probably not written in the best frame of mind, imo.

For the last little while, most of Ghost's posts were very legible.

Ghost was much more than "Cawgs or Gie."

If people are going to memorialize Ghost, it needs to be for his passion, etc - not a legendary, although quite funny, mistake.

Posted on 2/12 10:11 PM | IP: Logged


Posted on 2/12 10:14 PM | IP: Logged


Posted on 2/12 10:24 PM | IP: Logged

I highly doubt that continuing to use that phrase is the best thing.

Posted on 2/12 10:40 PM | IP: Logged

"Dawgs or Die" was clearly the level headed signature line of Ghost, but it was his " Cawgs or Gie " post that elevated his status amongst us Dawgventers. This was ghost at his zenith of his passionate nature leading him to ramble online for us. It was pure beauty of a guy caring so much and wanting to tell us so badly that he fired off his thoughts w/a spellchecker be damned attitude!

That post would have been quickly forgotten like many others here if not for his consistent love of the Dawgs that preceded it. It was Ghost, someone who's cup always overflowed Dawgs taking it to another level and all of us appreciating his passion (though many of us often struggled to understand him during these times).

Dawgs or Die was his signature line, but it was Cawgs or Gie that truly defined his passion to us.


Posted on 2/12 10:50 PM | IP: Logged


Posted on 2/12 11:06 PM | IP: Logged

As far as your opinion about moving on - please, by all means, PUAR

Posted on 2/12 11:15 PM | IP: Logged

statement. Most of his posts were coming from his phone and he could not post well from it. Too hard to type on. That is where most of the grammatical errors came from.

People forget that and think he was just blown away drunk or something. It is ridiculous.

Posted on 2/12 11:51 PM | IP: Logged

the only reason I remember it so vividly is because my mom had some problems with taking Seroquel, which is what he was taking when he made that post, and I remember we had a conversation about it the next day. A misspelling made from a powerful drug induced stupor shouldn't be someone's lasting legacy. It was funny sure, but we don't need to go around putting it on T-shirts and plane banners.

Posted on 2/13 12:10 AM | IP: Logged

Trust me, Graeme doesn't want to be remembered with the other phrase.

I read below where someone said that other phrase was representative of his passion. That's not right. That phrase represents the unfortunate state he was in when he tried to exhibit his passion. He loved the DAWGS, now something slurred out as CAWGS.

Don't leave him with that legacy.

Dawgs or Die. That's what he meant to say. That's the way he would want to be remembered.


Posted on 2/13 12:32 AM | IP: Logged

what Graeme Turnbull would have wanted.

Unlike most on here, I knew him. He called me. He wanted help. He was embarrassed by the way he showed up here sometimes. He loved the "Dawgs" not "Cawgs".

Don't embarrass him more.

Dawgs or Die.


Posted on 2/13 12:44 AM | IP: Logged

you are seemingly arguing for the sake of arguing. Either phrase "Dawgs or Die" or "Cawgs or Gie" fits Ghost perfectly. There is absolutely nothing derogatory about either choice. I've been reading Ghost's posts on this board for 10 years or so. He is one of the few posters that I read every time I saw his post. He almost never failed to excite and uplift with his passion and unbridled enthusiasm...I loved reading his inside information from "the Man" and didn't really much care if it was right, wrong or just was fun and made me feel better about the future of the program. The board is less for his absence.

One of the basic characteristics of all Ghost's posts was a consistent butchery of the language through terrible typos, regular misspelling and irregular or nonexistent punctuation. And whether it came from typing on a phone or being a little inebriated or being tired and sleepy, it didn't and doesn't matter. Those of us who loved his posts didn't care about the inept language skills. It actually became part of the legend of Ghost. "Cawgs or Gie" just reminds us of both his passion and his propensity for typos. It's an awesome way to celebrate his legend on the Vent. It's funny. It's respectful. It's accurate. He sure didn't mind it...he laughed off "Cawgs or Gie" in more than one post. "Dawgs or Die" also shows his passion and is synonymous with his love for the Dawgs! Either would be great. Neither would be wrong.

Posted on 2/13 12:50 AM | IP: Logged

saying you aren't, then no way should that be on there.

Dawgs or Die! For me anyway!

Posted on 2/13 1:44 AM | IP: Logged

The mixture of irreverent, irrational, irresponsible & irrepressible made Ghost a tremendously unique character. This bellowing about not using Cawgs or gie sounds like politically correct Hillary Clinton bullshet. It became a famous war cry. It doesn't matter that it started because he made typos or was wipoed outo. It is part of the fabric which is the very vivid memory of Graeme Turnbull. God bles the most passionate DAWGS fan I ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with.
Cawgs or gie!

Posted on 2/13 2:10 AM | IP: Logged


Posted on 2/13 7:57 AM | IP: Logged

this is not a ghost worship center.

Posted on 2/13 7:57 AM | IP: Logged


Posted on 2/13 8:02 AM | IP: Logged


Posted on 2/13 8:03 AM | IP: Logged

UGA was not his alma mater. He made that clear several times...can't remember where he said he went, though.

Posted on 2/13 8:17 AM | IP: Logged


Posted on 2/13 8:27 AM | IP: Logged

A lot of the folks romanticizing Ghost apparently knew absolutely nothing about the guy.

A very large portion of his Vent personality was driven by substance abuse. His infamous "Cawgs or Die" salutation came in arguably his most drug-induced post ever authored on this forum.

You folks laughed at the guy and his wild act during his time here.

It wasn't an act though, and it is THE reason he passed away at 34. While there was a small, small handful here who actually knew Graeme in real life, there was nothing entertaining or positive about what everyone seemed to "love" about the Ghost character on the Vent. It was simply sad, and tragic.

He was 34. He's now passed on because of a severe substance abuse problem. And a bunch of idiots who never knew or met the guy think it's cute to "honor" his memory with a phrase that memorializes his lowest and most embarrassing moment on the internet.

But y'all make yourselves some stupid t-shirts or fly a banner that says "Cawgs or Gie!" if you want to. Nobody with a half a brain think it's a nostalgic memorial.

And I say this as one of Graeme's sworn enemies in his internet life. He was desperate for validation on this forum. If y'all really believe he'd be proud to be remembered by a "Cawgs or Gie" legacy, you've never known an addict. They may laugh it off with you, but it embarrasses them. Y'all remember his "Cawgs or Gie!" post - I remember his follow up post the next day sheepishly trying to explain that post from the night before. He certainly wasn't proud of it. Graeme and I despised each other online, but I felt genuinely sad for the guy in reality. Honestly. His death is tragic, and should serve as a warning and a lesson to anyone struggling with drugs or alcohol.

If y'all are hellbent on memorializing the guy, have Barney or Ashton, or even Canada, share something real about the guy. Folks who actually knew him and can shed some light on the real man behind a tragic addiction. Something sincere about Graeme, and not "Ghost." Keep up this "Cawgs or Gie" campaign, and you simply continue to poke fun at a guy even in death, and make light of something VERY serious that led to the death of someone far too young. I'd bet your time and money spent on this that Graeme's wish would be for someone else not to suffer the same addiction nor meet his premature passing.

This post was edited on 2/13 9:07 AM by HacksawDawg

Posted on 2/13 8:50 AM | IP: Logged


Posted on 2/13 8:51 AM | IP: Logged


Posted on 2/13 8:54 AM | IP: Logged

a tragic figure is that you admire the character despite the flaw that eventually consumes him. People loved Ghost for his passion even though they knew something was wrong. That kind of admiration is a quintessential human reaction to a tragedy both as it is happening before ones eyes and after the play is over, as long as there was something to love about the protagonist. Ghosts passion, optimism and comedy caused him to be loved, and his destructive nature changes none of that, except to make his life more tragic.

You are correct that we should not forget about what was troubling about Ghost, and I am sure the Cawgs or Gie comment bothered him, but he was what he was, and the best tribute to a any person, and especially a tragic figure, is to remember him-accurately.

This post was edited on 2/13 9:56 AM by Lurker Above

Posted on 2/13 9:42 AM | IP: Logged

This the first of your posts that I have ever thought to be completely offbase.
Yes, the guy was a stranger to most of us. The Cawgs or Gie became an "in-house" rallying cry and became synonamous with the persona of Ghostzilla who entertained us on this forum. It is a password/phrase of sorts for those who spend time here. It means something to us and is completely foriegn to others. Why should that diminish the memory of the man who gave it to us? It is not used with malice. I don't think anyone here uses Cawgs or Gie to be hurtful or to tarnish the departed. It is rather a term that is unique to the Vent and was coined by the Vent's most unique character.
Get off of your soapbox before you label people as idiots just because they look at things differently from you.
I happen to like Cawgs or Gie and am glad the term is part of Vent lore.
As for anyone here using drugs or alcohol, that is not my business and I don't think subscribers here are folks who care about making fun of other Georgia Bulldogs. There are, however, some folks here who take themselves far too seriously.

Posted on 2/13 9:46 AM | IP: Logged

in one phrase the two most salient characteristics Ghost's post- unbridled optimism and misspelled words and bad grammar. For good or bad, that is the legacy of Ghost, and Cawgs or Gie epitomizes that legacy.

Posted on 2/13 9:49 AM | IP: Logged

Well put; much better than I did the other night when I upset a few folks.

Looks like that UGA education is working out for you pretty well! Wink

Posted on 2/13 9:51 AM | IP: Logged

I hope some people here pay attention to what you are saying.

Posted on 2/13 9:57 AM | IP: Logged

and I don't know how yall continue to miss that.

Posted on 2/13 10:30 AM | IP: Logged

While you're at it, what part of Hunter Thompson should we throw out? How about Van Gogh? Should we just toss out "Starry Night?" How about Poe, or Byron? What about Joplin and Hendrix or Cobain or Grizzard for that matter? What part of their lives should we edit out to conform to your sanitizing standards? We didn't create the personas they did...that includes Ghost. It's not our job to eliminate any part of what they created. I didn't know Graeme...all I knew was Ghost, and I'm fine with that.

Posted on 2/13 12:11 PM | IP: Logged

I like Cawgs or Gie but whatever yall come up with im fine with, if we do a pic of him like original wardaddy under it then on the back the mighty G-Ghost

Posted on 2/13 1:41 PM | IP: Logged

I like the design that Winston came up with its on the vent in Ghost Shirts I think everybody will be happy and a good way to celebrate Ghost...

Posted on 2/13 2:24 PM | IP: Logged

I had my share of intense arguments with Ghost back in the earliest days of the Dawg Vent when his handle was "Ghost of Georgia's Greatness." At the time, he was a very negative poster, but his posts, while angry, were not filled with the typos to the extent that they were later. Later on in his Dawg Vent "career", Ghost decided that he was no longer going to be a negative poster, and to his credit, he achieved that turnaround - but it was pretty easy to figure out that something was wrong with him because some of the posts were almost entirely incoherent. It was drugs. This does not equate to me calling Ghost a bad person. Many good people have had their lives ruined by drugs.

Ghost never called me, but I do know people that he called, and it is my understanding that he wanted to be seen as a leader of the Vent - someone who was one of the most passionate and knowledgeable of posters. While he did achieve the former, I understand that it genuinely pained and embarrassed him when he put up something like the "Cawgs or Gie" post. He decided to be good-natured about it, but that doesn't mean he liked it.

Many of you are insisting that "Cawgs or Gie" go on t-shirts or banners, etc. In doing so, you are trying to make his memory a catchphrase based on one of his low points. Whether he laughed it off or not, it was still a low point. I doubt that is how anyone would want to be remembered.

What I'm driving at is this: when you insist that you remember Graeme Turnbull with "Cawgs or Gie" because it made him a "Vent legend" or because that's how you want to remember him, you are not carrying out a tribute to Graeme Turnbull. You are carrying out a tribute to yourself.

Posted on 2/13 3:45 PM | IP: Logged

Not as "a tribute to myself"?, but because I thought the phrase "cawgs or gie" was catchy, I initiated this post as evidence that Ghost's family had no problem with it. The phrase was used by Ghost's brother in his words to this forum last week so there must not be any family shame associated with it.
Never did I think that the brightest and most knowing minds on the Vent would come forward and inform that posters who utter "cawgs or gie" are uncaring doofs who have no respect for a departed member of this forum.
It is now obvious that some posters here not only know more about football than the athletic staff, but that many of these same people know more about the proper way to conduct oneself when being respectful for the departed.
You guys may not disrespect the dead, but you do a pretty good job of pissing off the living. Anyone else who can "bite their tongue no longer?"

Posted on 2/13 4:02 PM | IP: Logged

If you want to call pointing out basic manners - as in, try to have a little respect for the dead - some sort of elitism, then have at it, hoss. I'll just have to find some kind of hanky to wipe your tears of indignation off my screen. Having said that, I'm done with this.

Posted on 2/13 4:17 PM | IP: Logged

I won't be buying a t shirt, etc anyway, so I don't care too much what people do with it or put on it.

However, I do believe if people want to memorialize the guy, they should do it in a respectful way.

I read the "Cawgs or Gie" post. That was not Ghost's high point. There was very little in that post that was even legible, much less informative.

I read most responses to that post, and I read Ghost's response to that post the next day.

A poster has already said he spoke with Ghost shortly after ward and he was on Seroquel for whatever reason.

There is PLENTY of high points that can be used to memorialize Ghost - "The mighty G," "Glory to the G," War Daddies," "Seal Club." etc etc etc.

But those would not be funny and cute. Those would not bring attention to the one's wearing the shirt.

People wouldn't ask in a funny tone "what does Cawgs or Gie mean?"

If it is going to be done, the attention needs to be about Ghost, and something Ghost would be PROUD of! If someone has paid any attention to this site, and read that particular post, I do not think Ghost was proud of that saying, nor that post in particular.

A man has lost his life. IMO, if you are going to try and honor him, do it using something he would be PROUD of - not some self serving phrase that represents a person's low point.

That post is part of what brought attention to Ghost, but it is FAR from what made him legendary on this site.

Posted on 2/13 4:54 PM | IP: Logged

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