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Someone else said it earlier, but with Graeme it has never been so true - You don't know what you got until it's gone.
Did he annoy at times, Yes. Create Drama, Yes. Go off the deep end, Yes. But we all do, Graeme just did it in a public way because he shared his life with all of us. We knew the good, the bad, and the ugly of Graeme Turnbull. We loved him for it, and some thought they loathed him for it. But even the "haters" now realize that he was the genuine article. No BS, no trying to fit in or step with the crowd. He was his own man, and while he wanted to be loved and respected, his passion for his "passions" always showed through.
I just want to call him right now and do what we always did, just BS about everything - especially the Dawgs - him telling me all the "locks" we have already for 2012, me bashing Richt, him listing out the two deep for 2013, me making an excuse to get off the phone after 45 minutes....just everyday with Graeme was different and exciting. I just can't get over this. Tomorrow night will be difficult, as it seems every day is going to be for a while. We were supposed to grab dinner Thursday night, instead I will be going to his funeral.

What an impact he had on all of us, yet we didn't even know it until he's gone. Thanks again UGASports Staff for all you are doing - it truly is a shame it takes this for Graeme to receive the "love" he always wanted from the vent. But such is life, and it's great to see that his memory lives on in all of us, and especially here on the vent which was such a big part of his life. He was a dedicated and loyal friend, and truly was the greatest dawgventer of all time - the straw that stirred the vent drink. As trivial as that seems right now, I know it would make him proud and happy, and thats how we should remember him. He left this world happy, and proud to be a DAWG.

Posted on 2/9 9:35 PM | IP: Logged

I think you said you had kids, make sure you spend time with your kids. It makes all better. Will it bring back, but it will make you appreciate things. My father passed away a month before I turned 16. Never got to meet my wife, my 2 great kids, or get to see me with my job in sports. My dad loved sports, and every cool event I take my kids to ( and trust me, my 9 yr old has got to do it all) I think of my dad and how lucky I am to have had him in my life for 15 yes and how great it is to come home to a great wife and great kids. Hug them if you can, b/c and the end of the day that is what matters most.

Posted on 2/9 9:43 PM | IP: Logged

your story is remarkably parallel to mine. Good advice, bro.

Posted on 2/9 9:47 PM | IP: Logged

Sorry for your loss. Our loss. I only knew his posts and am in shock. You truly knew the man. Please give his family our condolences tomorrow night.

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Posted on 2/9 9:51 PM | IP: Logged

Although I talked with Graeme numerous times and exchanged countless emails and texts, I actually got to meet him for the first time last Wednesday at the Blind Pig.
He had told me he was coming and I guess he texted me five times during all the craziness, until I finally got a chance to step outside.
Anyway, I go around outside to the left at the Pig, but he wasn't there.
About three minutes later he comes bursting through the door. There was no mistaking who he was.
I laughed and said "its about time" and let loose with a wide grin, saying "Dash, brother, how ya doing man?"
Anyway, we talked about two minutes after a frantic text from Kipp, saying I needed to get back to. The board, so I left.
We talked on the phone three times after that, but the final time he called me - Monday at 304 pm - I wasn't able to get to the phone.
The next morning, we're hearing the tragic news.
I will never forget Donna's call, hysterically crying, trying to explain what happened.
Anyway, I drive by the Pig three times a day and every time I glance over to where he was, still halfway expecting to see Graeme there.
Still can't believe he is gone.

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Posted on 2/9 9:52 PM | IP: Logged

I will say after the 2007 final four (I was lucky enough to take cmr to the sat games) that I got to take my oldest son to a private spring practice and have a meeting with cmr. He spoke to my son for 40 min, and I thought "man, my dad would flip out over this" I ame very blessed indeed

Posted on 2/9 9:53 PM | IP: Logged

Scott, it is simply unthinkable to find yourself mourning over someone that you did not even meet. That said, I believe we did. Each time Ghost would post, he would pour out his soul onto the keyboard. With phrases that will go down in Vent history, he bacame an icon. His knowledge and connections to recruits, players, and coaches, allowed the rest of us to connect to our common love, The University of Georgia. My prayer is that Ghost knew the Lord, is in heaven, and resides with a multitude of fellow Dawg fans. Down here, it is just a game. He played it well.

Posted on 2/9 10:01 PM | IP: Logged

Scott, if it's not the right time to ask just say so. But much can also be learned from his passing from a health perspective, things perhaps, that could literally save the lives of other people down the road.

I met Ghost twice and each occasion was one that was impossible to forget. (The first being in Knoxville in 2002 I think it was when Gerald Riggs was playing and he was selling t-shirts about him)

Anyway, can you elaborate or is it even known why or how he passed. I had a major heart related incident last Feb that required surgery. What happened with Ghost really scared me and if there is something to be learned from it, I sure would appreciate it.

Thoughts and prayers go out to you and his close friends as well. All the talk is about him, but I know you ache deeply from within and that too, saddens me greatly.

Posted on 2/9 10:02 PM | IP: Logged

Scott...if you attend Thursday's memorial with Graeme's family and friends...please let them know that those of us who are no more than faceless, nameless posters on an internet discussion board loved what this special young man brought to the board, good and bad.

His death has impacted many of us in ways that are unimaginable...incredibly so, since the majority of us only knew Graeme through this site.

Like so many others, his death has impacted me in more ways than I ever thought possible.

So, to his family...please give them my love and prayers.


Posted on 2/9 10:04 PM | IP: Logged

Forgive me if it is inappropriate, but what exactly did happen? He seemed like a good guy who did a good job pushing buttons over here, but beyond that I hardly knew him

Posted on 2/9 10:18 PM | IP: Logged

Graeme in no way shape or form had anything to do with what happened. I am afraid maybe a new medication for his back didn't mix well with his body, and maybe he had some kind of reaction. Pure speculation however. They are doing an autopsy, and we'll know for sure then. Either way, it's just heartbreaking. As I said before, he was happy and things were going well job wise and with Donna. It tears me up.

Posted on 2/9 10:53 PM | IP: Logged

You are very kind in the face of this tragedy to comment. I can't thank you enough. And again, it's not a question centered in curiosity, but rather one in which perhaps something could be learned and passed along to others for benefit.

I know there was a rush to judgment about it being a heart attack and knowing what I know about that, it both confused me for reasons of accuracy and scared me for the personal reasons I mentioned earlier.

If you learn more and only if you wish to share, I sure would appreciate you doing so and promise on the man's name to keep it confidential.

You can email me at

Upon email, I will give you the address I use most often for personal exchange. I just set the above account up now hoping to hear from you later.

And again, we mourn your loss Scot and pray God brings comfort to all his family and friends for this painful loss.

Peace and a sincere thanks for your consideration

Posted on 2/9 11:30 PM | IP: Logged

to Graeme if you or someone would like it. He left in the warehouse where I work, the company where he worked doing PC deployments. It is in my office. I am sorry for your loss. I spoke with him a few times about the Dawgs at work, but didn't know him very well. He actually tried to get me to take off work to go to the Blind Pig for signing day. Unfortunately I was unable to do so. We talked about some heartbreaking losses, and some great wins for the dawgs, and I was shocked to hear the news of his passing. If you would like the hat just shoot me an email at and I will figure out the best way to get it to you.(this is my junkmail account, so let me know if you send one, as I rarely check it) God Bless, and I am sorry for your loss.

Posted on 2/10 4:41 PM | IP: Logged

If Scott does not want it, I would love to have it in the UGASports archives. We have several things from over the years, from Stickman sticks to the original modem the site connected to the Internet through. Scott, let's talk about this if you take it because I would love to find a place for all such stuff to reside one day.

Posted on 2/10 6:21 PM | IP: Logged

is or better yet, you could just reply to one of my posts on where to send it, and I could mail it to you.

Posted on 2/11 9:03 AM | IP: Logged

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