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Wrapping up loose ends

It was a busy morning Wednesday at the Butts-Mehre Building as offensive coordinator Mike Bobo took some time to speak with beat writers.
Also dropping by were linebacker Christian Robinson, tight end Orson Charles and wide receiver Tavarres King.
The four touched on a number of subjects, including a few noteworthy items below.
• Bobo said redshirt sophomore Dallas Lee is "100 percent better" and stands an excellent chance of being able to contribute this fall.
• Charles said his weight is currently at 245 after being at 250 earlier this year.
• Regarding the trio of Malcolm Mitchell, Justin Scott-Wesley and Sanford Seay, King said "Those guys are fast. If their knowledge can be as quick as their feet, they're going to be tremendous."
• King on Joe Tereshinski: "Joe Tereshinski loves Georgia more than anything. There's no doubt in my mind that he does. He loves the Bulldogs and he loves us. He challenges us and he does different things to put us to the test."
• Bobo on whether any other defensive freshmen may see time on offense: "We're pretty set where we are with (Damian) Swann being on defense and Branden (Smith) seeing a little bit of both. But it would have to be how productive we are early in camp. Do we have enough guys? Do we need guys with enough speed to touch the ball? You're constantly talking about personnel as a staff and where guys fit in so we will talk about things as a staff."
• Bobo on Ken Malcome. "Ken is a guy we felt good about going into spring ball, but he had so many injuries. I bet he missed 10 practices and had about four or five where he could go about full speed. I wish I had a better idea coming out of spring about where Ken is and how much he can contribute but it's more of an injury thing as to why he was behind (Brandon) Harten. He had a great spring, practiced every day and ran hard. Ken is going to be given the opportunity this fall and I'm still excited."
• Per Bobo, Mitchell will work at split end, Scott-Wesley at flanker and Seay at X (split end).
* Georgia will move its weekly Tuesday press conference with Mark Richt to the Butts-Mehre Building instead of Stegeman Coliseum where it's been held for a number of years.
• Robinson on the season getting ready to start: "Every football season that comes around, every team says it's different, everything's different. But when we're all collectively doing the right thing and we're going toward a common goal, that's when I realize we're in the right direction. We have real leadership and I'm excited to get to camp. I think that will change a lot of things and get a lot of guys going that, you know, might not be. Everybody I've been working with has been motivated and doing the right thing."
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