Visit impresses Craig

One of the fasted players in South Carolina, Gaffney athlete Joe Craig has been hearing from the University of Georgia a lot lately. But when he made the trip down to Athens for Junior Day, he did not know what to expect.
"It went great. It was much better than I could have imagined," Craig said in amazement.
While the speedster did not say how many campuses he has been to, he let it be known where Georgia stands in the hierarchy.
"It was my first time in Athens, and I loved it. It was the best campus I have ever seen," Craig said. "The whole place is so nice, I thought the dorms would just be one room, but they were all connected like a suite."
Saturday night they got to go on the field for a presentation video. It has been a hit with most visitors, and Craig was no exception.
"They took us out on the field, and we watched highlights of this season. It got me hyped, and I could see the coaches getting excited watching it too," the 6-foot tall athlete said. "Then Coach (Tony) Ball said he can't wait for next fall; I can only imagine them during football season."
Craig got to meet the coaching staff up close and personal, and the time was well spent. They got the chance to actually eat dinner with the coaches, and also get to know each other better.
"They are all nice, they treat you like family. I felt really comfortable and they make you seem like royalty. When they ate with us, Coach Mark Richt actually prayed with me, he felt like a father figure immediately, said Craig.
The next morning Craig went to meet with his potential position coaches at Georgia. The Gaffney star played quarterback last year, but will focus on receiver for his senior season. He soon learned that the Bulldogs haven't decided on his position either.
"Coach Richt said Coach Willie Martinez and Coach Ball are fighting over me. The Coach Richt took me and my stepmom, he watched my film and said they would evaluate me and figure out a position for me after they finish 2009, and that I might get an offer soon," the 2010 prospect said.
While he has no offers now, he is expecting to receive some soon. He did not hesitate to say where Georgia could be if they offered.
"If they offer they would be number one, no doubt," he said. "I am still waiting on my first offer, and I feel Clemson is close."