UGA-UT: 3rd Quarter Drive Chart

[Stats at the half: Knowshon has 57 yards on 15 totes. Stafford is 17-of25 with an int. for 211 yards and a TD. MoMass has 4 grabs for 71 yards; A.J. has 4 for 26. For UT, Arian Foster has two carries for 4 yards.]
*****From his own 11, Richard Samuel returns second half kick to the 31.
(1st & 10) Knowshon right side for 4 yards.
(2nd & 6) Justin Anderson off sides for UGA.
(2nd & 11) After penalty, Dawgs at own 30. Knowshon takes deep handoff for gain of 2.
(3rd & 9) From own 32, Stafford fires left to A.J. for 8 yards.
(4th & 1) From own 40, Dawgs will punt. Georgia fans boo. Delay of game against the Dawgs whistled.
(4th & 6) Dawgs backed up to their own 35. Mimbs kicks it high; Fair catch by Gerald Jones at UT 13. Mimbs kicked it 52 yards. Nice comeback this week, Brian.
(1st & 10) UT from its own 13, goes to Foster up the middle for loss of 1. Corvey Irvin makes the stop.
(2nd & 11) Pass on left side for Taylor, broken up by Asher Allen.
(3rd & 11) Good penetration by Geno Atkins but Stephens gets it to Foster on the left side screen. Rennie Curran stuffs him for a 5-yard loss.
(4th & 16) From their 7, UT will punt. Colquitt is one step up from the back line of the end zone. It's a good kick and Miller fields it at his own 38. He's got room but there are flags. He went out at UT 34. It's a block in the back against the Dawgs; 10-yards from spot of the foul. But UT also gets flagged for a personal foul after the play.
(1st & 10) Dawgs will have it at the Vols' 42. Knowshon runs left and jumps a guy on the ground. He gets 3.
(2nd & 7) Play action complete to MoMass coming across from left side. He gets 32 yards.
(1st & goal) At UT 7, Knowshon tries to get the push up the middle. He is stopped at the five.
(2nd & goal) Stafford calls his own number and gets stuffed by Ayers for a loss of 1.
(3rd & goal) At the six, Stafford's pass is picked off by Eric Berry, who returns it 54 yards to the UGA 46. That play is now under review. The play stands.
(1ST & 10) C.J. Byrd tips Stephens' pass and it's caught by Jones but C.J. makes the stop. The play gains 16.
(1st & 10) A dart over the middle is broken up by Reshad Jones and Prince Miller.
(2nd & 10) Hardesty sweeps left and gets plugged by Jones after a gain of 1.
(3rd & 9) At UGA 30, Stephens hits Lucas Taylor for 15 yrs.
(1st & 10) At UGA 15, Hardesty carries for two. Jones and Irvin on the stop.
(2nd & 8) Stephens fakes the handoff, throws a floater right side incomplete.
(3rd & 8) Inside UGA 13, Stephens drops back, stumbles, moves to his left and hits Taylor in the left corner for the TD. (Daniel Lincoln PAT kick) Scoring drive: 7 plays, 46 yards 2:16.
*****GEORGIA 20, TENNESSEE 14 (5:37, 3RD)
***Samuel retunrns the kickoff 14 yards to the 24 but watch the flag. Personal foul against Georgia.
(1st & 10) After penalty, Dawgs scrimmage from their own 11. Stafford under pressure from Wilson, throws it away on the right side.
(2nd & 10) Knowshon sweeps left and gets 5 yards to the 16.
(3rd & 5) Stafford finds Demiko on left sideline for first down but there's a flag. It's against UT. The gain was to the 37. Dawgs will have it at own 42 after penalty.
(1st & 10) Whistled dead. False start against Dawgs (Cordy Glenn).
(1st & 15) From 37, pass complete to Mike Moore. Another penalty. It's ineligible receiver downfield against Dawgs.
(1st & 20) Stafford to Chapas on UT sideline. He bowls over people and gets 25 yards.
(1st & 10) Middle screen to King is complete for a loss of three.
(2nd & 13) At UT 45, Stafford flushed form pocket gets 9 to the Tennessee 36.
(3rd & 4) At UT 36, Stafford rolls right and gets it out to Kenneth Harris to the 30. (New career high for Stafford at this point, with 290 yards).
(1st & 10) Fake toss left to Knowshon. Incomplete right side intended for MoMass.
(2nd & 10) Knowshon stuffed on left side by Ayers for loss of six.
(3rd & 16) At UT 36 again, Knowshon gets the feed and gets to the 24. Nice fake on the follow through by Stafford.