Storm on Jenkins mind

John Jenkins' thoughts were hundreds of miles away from Athens, Ga. Monday night.
Instead, they were with his family in Connecticut, which is one of the states bearing the brunt of Hurricane Sandy, which was just off the Atlantic City coast by the time Georgia's practice came to an end.
"I really don't know at this very moment. I plan on calling them after I got done talking to y'all," said Jenkins. "Not too long ago Coach (Rodney) Garner showed me Milford (Conn.), which is not too far from my home and how bad it is there."
Jenkins said he spoke to his mother and grandmother Sunday night about the storm, which Monday was packing winds of 90 mph.
"I talked to my grandmother and my mom last night and she said she's ready for it to be over with - I don't know …," Jenkins said.
Jenkins said his grandmother actually lives in Stanford, off the beach right new New England Sound.
"A lot of people had to be evacuated to higher ground," said Jenkins, who did not know if his grandmother was one of those moved.
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