Opportunity for Brown

Opportunity is knocking for Bradwell Institute offensive tackle Chester Brown at Friday's Dawg Night.
The 2012 prospect is determined to answer the door.
"I talked to Coach (Tony) Ball (Wednesday) and have been in touch with him about every day," Brown said Thursday in an interview with UGASports. "He's been letting me know everything about Dawg Night and what's going to happen. He told me not to get nervous when I come over there, just go out and treat it like its practice. That's what I'm going to do (Friday)."
Brown is a true sleeper in every sense of the word.
The rising senior said he just started playing football as a freshman three years ago, and Friday's camp at Georgia will be his first on a college campus.
He does hold offers from Georgia State and South Alabama, although Georgia and Auburn have taken serious interest in the 6-foot-5, 325-pounder after some impressive work on film.
Friday night, he gets to show coaches what he's really all about.
"I'm looking to show them what I've got; that what they've seen on film is what they're going to get, or better," Brown said. "I've been working hard. I want to show them what they've seen on the film was good, but what they're going to see now is totally different."
Apparently the Bulldogs have told Brown a strong showing could result in some good news.
"He (Ball) just told me if I come out here and show us what you've been showing on film, that there was no doubt that they would offer me," said Brown. "That's what I'm going to try and do."
Time will tell.
"Right now what's going through my mind is, I just don't want to go up there and mess up," he said. "I'm just going out there and show them what I've got and treat it like it's a championship game."
But earning a scholarship isn't Brown's only motivation.
Although he comes from the same school that produced former Bulldog offensive lineman Vince Vance, Brown said he's looking forward to the camp portion of Dawg Night when he gets to line up against some of the top defensive talent who will be on hand.
"That's a big motivator," Brown admitted. "It just shows what I've got to do and how I need to push myself more. There are some big names in the state of Georgia and outside the state that's coming. I want to show what I've got."
Although he doubles as a defensive tackle at Bradwell, Brown said the Bulldogs are recruiting solely for the offensive side.
"My strength is my run blocking and my footwork," said Brown, who feels he has made great strides since taking up the sport three years ago.
"When I first got to high school I was just going to go to class and trying to make good grades," Brown laughed. "That's when Coach (Bradwell coach Jim Walsh) asked me to come out for football. I told him I had nothing else to do, so why not? Then all of a sudden I fell in love with football. I always liked watching it, but there's nothing like playing it. I love it."
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