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NFL Combine news: Javon Wims

INDIANAPOLIS – While meeting with the press on Friday at the NFL Combine, Georgia wide receiver Javon Wims said it was about halfway through his senior season when he realized his childhood dream of making it to the NFL might become a reality.

“The dream has always been there ever since I was a child, but the reality set in about midway through the season as the season progressed,” Wims told UGASports. “It became reality that I had a huge opportunity in front of me.”

Wims had a stellar senior season for the Bulldogs, leading all receivers with 45 catches for 720 yards, on a team that primarily ran the ball.

He was asked if he had to put in extra effort due to playing with a freshman quarterback.

“I played with a true freshman quarterback both years, but I was able to make plays early, and one thing about quarterbacks, when you make plays for him, you become his best friend,” Wims said.

His aerial acrobatics made for some highlight reel quality catches. Wims’ favorite? That would be his touchdown in the Rose Bowl. Interestingly enough, Wims considers his worst game to have come against Samford, a team the Bulldogs beat 42-14.

“I like to leave my mark on the game, whether I am catching the ball, sparking my team by scoring a touchdown or making a big block to score a run. But I didn’t have an impact on that game.”

Wims did have a major impact on most of the other games Georgia played, and he gives credit to Georgia wide receiver coach James Coley.

“That is my guy. I love him,” Wims said. “He has been very, very critical in my development as a player. You can see the jump I had from year one to year two that he played a huge part of that. He improved everything, like my overall mental approach to the game…. my practice habits have definitely changed from year one to year two.”

Wims also gave credit to his school.

“I played for what I believe is the best university and having such a great coaching staff, Kirby Smart, just practice habits, working hard...,” Wims said. “I mean we approach everything like a professional.”

Speaking of being a professional, Wims has met formally with the Buffalo Bills, describing that meeting as, “more than what I expected.” He has also me informally with multiple other NFL teams, including the Atlanta Falcons. He said he wants to show them all that he is “more than just a jump ball guy.”

Wims has seen several his former teammates in the hallways here at the Combine and spoken with them. While he concedes that they may not have a public wager on who the top performer will be, Wims said in his mind there is a competition between friends. So who does he want to beat?

“All of them.”