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New Dawgs in Town

Summer is officially arriving as the next wave of Georgia Bulldogs move into their
University of Georgia dormitories to begin their college careers.
Summer classes begin on Thursday and between now and
then the following 14 signees are expected to be in Athens: running back
Caleb King, linebackers
 Curran and
Charles White, tight ends
Bruce Figgins and
Aron White, offensive linemen
Clint Boling,
Ben Harden, and
Chris Little, defensive ends
Neland Ball and
Justin Houston, cornerback
Vance Cuff,
wide receivers
Walter Hill and
Israel Troupe, and kicker
Drew Butler
Logan Gray is staying at home for a few weeks while he recovers from
mononucleosis. He is expected to be in Athens in July.
John Knox is believed to be headed to Hargrave Military Academy in
Chatham, Va., to get his academics in order.
All but the following appear in
the UGA online directory as students: Cuff, Harden, Houston, King, Knox, Little,
Troupe. That will change over the coming days as they go through registration
for courses.
While it is believed that all but Knox have cleared all
their academic hurdles, final word on Troupe might not come until the 50 round
Major League Baseball Amateur Draft on Thursday and Friday. Players selected
have until August 15th to agree to terms with their selection team.
Quick Note: Troupe was expected to wait for the Major League Baseball Draft to take place later this week before moving to Athens, but he surprised some by moving in on Sunday. To get a full list of the guys already on campus, the click HERE.