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Film Study: Shaquille Fluker

On Tuesday, East Mississippi Community College (Scooba, Miss.) safety Shaquille Fluker became Georgia's 26th commitment of the current class.
He also gave the Bulldogs their fourth and final commitment at the safety commitment for 2013.
While there isn't a ton of film on Fluker at this point, UGASports was sent a private copy of the JUCO standout's film via Hudl.
Here is a breakdown on Fluker as a part of the UGASports Film Study series.
Where he is great: First and foremost, Fluker is completely fearless. He is the type of safety that coaches will warn their receivers about because he is so physical. He does a great job of arriving at the defender at the same time as the football.
When he does unload on a ball carrier or receiver, he does so with a great deal of explosion. At one point in his film he clearly breaks a receivers helmet with a big hit.
As impressive as Fluker is as a hitter, he also takes excellent angles. He has been well coached, and takes excellent angles to the football. This allows him to cover a great deal of real estate in the secondary.
Another hug strength for Fluker is his body type. At 6-foot-1, 200 pounds, Fluke has a very compact body that holds up well when applying to big hit or supporting against the run. That same body type allows him to be quick, fast, and flexible enough to play in space and cover man-to-man when needed.
Where he is good: Despite being a "hit first" defender, Fluker also has solid to very good ball skills. This is another product of taking excellent angles as he gets on top of almost every route.
When he gets on top of the route, which is regularly, he has good hands and can come down with the ball, or he can use his length to knock the ball down.
He isn't a particularly tall safety, but he does have long arms and they help him defend against the pass.
Fluker also has solid flexibility in his lower body. He doesn't have the fluid hips you would want in a corner, but he does have solid to very good hip action for a free safety.
He does most of his intimidation while the ball is in the air, but he can also fit very well against the run and is a solid form tackler in space.
Where he needs work: At this point in his career, Fluker needs to learn to go after the ball a little more. On film, he passed up multiple interceptions for the big hit and while a big hit can affect a game in many ways, an interception gets the ball back for the offense. He has the ability, but he needs to develop the willingness to make plays on the ball.
Fluker's fearlessness and aggressive style of play can also be used against him with pump fakes and play action. He is usually going forward or backward in coverage and rarely chops his feet to make a read on the quarterback or route.
This makes him vulnerable to the double move, pump fake, or exaggerated play action. He will need to learn to break down in space and play those types of plays with more integrity and patience.
Fluker's love for the big hit will almost assuredly get him flagged at the next level as well. On film, goes high on a few wide receivers in such a way that will draw a flag from college officials.
Overall: This is a huge pickup for Georgia for a variety of reasons. First of all, the defensive coaches can breath a sigh of relief because they have filled a huge need at the safety position. In Fluker, they have a physical and fearless defender who has an SEC-ready body. He can help on just about all special teams, and has a very similar skill set to current UGA safety Shawn Williams. UGA fans are going to love how much ground Fluker can cover in the secondary. While he will undoubtedly get a few flags at the college level, he will also bring a great deal of explosiveness and energy to the table with his ability to explode on opposing ball carriers and pass catchers.