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Dawgs get No. 23

After narrowing his recruitment down to two teams, Georgia and Florida, and taking a trip to both campuses, Thomson tight end Jordan Davis didn't waste any time making a decision on where he will play his college ball.
"Yes sir, I committed to Georgia," said Davis.
One Saturday, Davis told UGASports that he was not looking forward to calling the coach of his second-place team, but a little more than 24 hours later, he did just that.
Then he let the Georgia coaches know that he would be joining their recruiting class as the 23rd member.
"I called the Florida coaches first to let them know what I was going to do," he said. "Then I called Coach (Mark) Richt and told him I am going to be a Bulldog. Then I called coach (John) Lilly and told him. He was really excited too. Both coaches wanted to talk to my mother (Laverne Davis) too."
In his conversation with the Georgia head coach, Davis made a statement to Richt that, in a way, confirmed what he thought to be the right decision.
"I told Coach Richt that I was going to be a Bulldog," said Davis. "But I'm already a Bulldog. We are Bulldogs here at Thomson, so once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog I guess. I grew up rooting for Georgia, but it took a little while for me to earn and offer. Before I got the offer I was thinking I should look at other teams pretty hard, but once Georgia offered, it was back on again."
The decision to join Georgia's class wasn't always an easy one and the credit can be given to Florida head coach Will Muschamp and his staff for making it a tough decision.
"Florida did a great job recruiting me and things went really well with them," said Davis. "I have a great relationship with everyone down there, but in the end UGA was just the better fit."
According to the tight end, once he visited Athens on Friday, his mind was all but made up that he wanted to attend UGA.
"When I visited Georgia, I knew that the facilities were better and the dorm was better," said Davis. "I felt comfortable there, and it was like a family for me. My family is only an hour away in Thomson, and there were just a lot of other pluses over the other schools."
The Georgia coaches also let Davis know that he will more than likely be the only tight end they take in this class, and the Bulldogs' numbers at his position is another big reason the Thomson standout chose UGA.
"The depth chart is another big plus because Georgia only has three tight ends and they tell me that I'll probably be the only one they take in this class," said Davis. "I feel like I can see the field early on and they don't have like five or six other guys at the position."
While Davis is a confident player on and off the field for the Thomson Bulldogs, he is also aware of the fact that he has work to do to get to the next level.
He also knows that he is willing to put in that work and is looking forward to improving.
"I feel like I block pretty well and I have a good idea about that part of the game," said Davis. "I need to put on weight and get bigger and stronger. That is one of the first things I want to do is eat more, lift more, and get stronger. I also want to work on my hands. Coach Lilly told me that I'll see more balls come my way at the college level than in high school and that my hands will get better with more reps. I'm not too worried about being able to put on weight either because Ty Smith was telling me that he has already added 10 pounds since being in Athens and he just got there this summer. All the tight ends told me it isn't something to be worried about because I will put it on fast."
Joining Georgia's 2013 recruiting class is undoubtedly news that will excite Georgia fans, but Davis also wants to let the fans know what he stands for as a person and a player.
"I'm a hard-working guy, I stay out of trouble, I do the right things, and I am going to be where I am supposed to be when I am supposed to be there," said Davis. "I love to work, and I'm excited about this opportunity."