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Daunte Carr spring break diary

For some kids Spring Break means hitting the beaches, parting, relaxing, or
attending a spring game.  Daunte Carr however chose to visit as many schools
on his offer list as possible. He traveled from east to west and north to south
to see such universities as UCLA and Stanford, Ohio Sate and Michigan, N. Carolina, N. Carolina State, Duke, Wake Forest, West Virginia, and Central Florida
So here is an excerpt from his journal about his trip in Carr's own words:
"Man was I tired after all that traveling however it was well worth it. It was an experience that has helped me understand what the colleges are looking for and how I would fit into their program. All my visits were a one on one basis which gave me quality time with each school. I took the opportunity to meet with professors, sit in on classes of my field of study, meet with the dean of the school, view practices, meet with position coaches, chalk talk, film study, hangout with the football players, tour the campus, consult with academic advisors, talk with students, speak with alumni and meet with some major headline college players."
Here is a quick synopsis from Carr on each school:
UCLA:Sun & Fun, most combined sports championships than any college team
Stanford:Academics and Athletics at its best, the Harvard of the West Coast
Ohio State:Nationally know team, role model of how a college program should be ran
Michigan:On the road of recovery with new staff and vibe
N. Carolina:Not long before they win the ACC and compete for a BCS game
N.C. State:Diamond in the rough, great facilities
Duke :a quite storm brewing, will surprise some teams this year
Wake Forest :small school but packs a punch, they are one of the elites in the ACC, good blend of Academics and Athletics
West Virginia:The Beast of the East
Central Florida:Disney World at a Major D1 college, Great facility, weather, environment and coaches
"I also had some fun while on my college tour, my parents bought tickets while we were in N. Carolina to the Dean Smith Center and we watched N. Carolina beat Michigan State on the Jumbo Tron. I met the ex-coach from Tennessee Phillip Fulmer, participated in a question & answer session with Condoleezza Rice, shook hands and talked with the creators of Google."
"I have my family's full support so if I decide to pick a school that's far away, my family is willing to relocate to the area of my school of choice, so distance is not a problem for me. I will narrow down my list pretty soon, I will be taking the ACT in June and I am on target to graduate in December."
"There are some schools that I would have liked to visit that have offered me however I ran out of time. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will have an opportunity to do so."