Coaches Corner: Lorenzo Carter

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NORCROSS -- Norcross Head Coach Keith Maloof knows talent. He has coached back-to-back state title teams stocked with top prospects and other talented teams in his coaching career.
But to him it is obvious that what player tops the list of the most talent prospects he has ever seen and that is Lorenzo Carter.
"He's in the top. He's the total package," Maloof said of how the prized recruit stacks up to other talent he's worked with. "Marcus Jackson back in the day, who played at the University of Georgia, Alvin (Kamara) last year, Bryce Butler...I could go on and on and I'll forget somebody, but he's at the top. You're not just getting a great football player; you're getting a great person for your program."
When asked what sort of player Georgia fans can expect, Maloof was unabashed in his admiration for both Carter's ability and the way the future Bulldog goes about his business.
"They're gonna get a guy whose motor never stops," he said. "They're going to get a kid who's going to be in the weight room when the door opens. You're not going to have to worry about him downtown or anywhere around town. He's always going to be doing what he's supposed to do. He's a top notch kid."
Despite the heaping praise, Maloof was quick to point out where the four-star can focus his efforts to improve his game.
"He's going to have to gain weight because he's going against the best everyday," Maloof said. "The only thing I can see that he really needs to work on is getting bigger and keeping his speed as he gets better."
In the end, Coach Maloof was clear: Georgia is getting a talented player, poised with the tools for success in the college ranks and beyond.
"By the second or third year, he'll be leading a lot of people," the Norcross Head Man said. "They're getting a guy who is going to be playing on the field and, probably, playing on Sundays, one day."